our evolution

People seem to always be curious..."Why Evo?"


The story goes something like this:


It started in the small state of New Hampshire. One of the first known records of a technical climb being completed in the United States took place on Mount Washington in 1910, on the intimidating slopes of Huntington Ravine. From that day forth we have seen the sport evolve from using basic gear and clothing which was not designed specifically for climbing, to gear that has become more specialized, sophisticated, stronger, and lighter. This progression along with the evolution of making climbing more accessible to people has resulted in increasingly difficult and bold ascents throughout the world.


At EVO ROCK + FITNESS we believe that everyone has untapped potential inside of them—it’s only a matter of discovering it. Our gyms provide the framework for people of all ages and abilities to discover that potential through climbing, in a non-intimidating but inspiring environment.

Every climber experiences his or her own evolution that weaves itself into a larger fabric. Historically, climbing has revolved around community and camaraderie almost more than the climbing itself. Stories of sketchy ascents or near-death experiences in the mountains or sending a super hard boulder problem cannot be told without talking about the people who were there. Profound relationships will always be an integral part of being a climber, and EVO ROCK + FITNESS celebrates this fact by hosting ongoing social events for the climbing community throughout the year.

Climbing gyms have evolved from small home training facilities for the hard-core few to professionally built and operated commercial facilities that cater to a much wider audience. Regardless of who you are or where you come from, we’re still all climbers, and EVO ROCK + FITNESS gyms celebrate all of us. We believe that everyone plays a part in this story…this culture…this ongoing evolution.

What’s your story? Tell us at #myevolution


our mission

Our Mission is Simple:


To empower people and strengthen communities through climbing.



our team


Hilary Harris, Founder




Hilary oversees the communications, marketing and outreach of all EVO gyms. She works on future climbing gym start-ups and oversees the corporate relations of the business.

Hilary is both a long-time climber and licensed architect. Her climbing career started in Boulder, CO in the late 80's. Gaining rapid recognition and success, Hilary was one of a handful of women pioneers in the country, raising the bar on female standards in the sport. Hilary has been coaching for more than 20 years and has coached youth to the world cup level. She has also climbed and trained extensively throughout the US and Europe with the world's top climbers. When she is not busy doing working on business relations you can often find her at one of the great crags in New England, hiking or sea kayaking the coast of Maine.


Environmental stewardship is at the core of our business philosophy, extending to our educational programs, purchasing policies, and buildings.


We believe that climbing extends beyond the walls of our gym. Respecting the outdoor crags that we all enjoy as a community is an essential part of keeping the sport of climbing alive. We fully endorse Leave No Trace ethics throughout our educational programs and policies.


We are very conscious about the environmental and social impacts of what we buy. That is why you will see products that are organic, recycled, locally made, and non-toxic throughout our gym.

If you have questions or concerns about a product we use or carry, please let us know.


All Evo Rock + Fitness facilities incorporate high environmental performance standards. Our facilities all incorporate natural daylighting, high efficiency mechanical and lighting systems, low flow water fixtures and non-toxic interior finishes.



Evo Rock + Fitness is always excited to bring new people onto our team. We are a visionary company that believes our evolution is critical to having the best people we can find on our team. We are always seeking upbeat and professional people that love to have fun, enjoy people, and are dedicated to climbing and fitness. We are seeking staff that are self-motivated, organized and want to be a part of the larger community of climbing and fitness. If there is not a posted position that you are currently interested in, please submit your application and we will keep it on file for when an opening becomes available.



General Staff Position(s)

Belay Staff Position(s)



If you are interested in a position, fill out this Job Application and  Application Questionnaire and email to: concord@evorock.com for the Concord location, indy@evorock.com for the Indianapolis location and portland@evorock.com for the Portland, ME location.