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Grant is all about comps, crimps, and climbing. He’s been with Team EVO for about three and a half years (practically since its inception) and is a real fixture around EVO Concord – even the day after a national comp! He graciously took some time to chat the day after returning from a top-20 finish at this past weekend’s Youth Sport National Championships in Georgia:

How did you get into climbing?

I climbed at Vertical Dreams for a month, then EVO opened up a mile from my house, so I went and ended up joining the team. Since then I’ve been hooked.

How would you describe your style of climbing?

Crimpy. I like pretty much anything with crimps.

Favorite route or problem of all time?

That’s really hard – maybe Diaphanous Sea. It’s this really cool overhanging crimp problem in Hueco, it’s like a V11 or 12.

What’s the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome in climbing?

I’ve always had a pretty hard time figuring out the mental side of climbing. The physical aspect is only part of climbing, the mental side is just as important.

What’s your favorite thing about climbing competitively?

Making it through a comp climbing well without making a mistake is a really satisfying feeling. But I also enjoy being able to climb with kids I usually don’t get to climb with.

What’s the biggest difference between climbing at Nationals and other competitions through the year?

At Nationals, you know that everyone is strong and you can’t really know how you’re going to do because the kids are from all over the country. At local comps, I know everyone and how strong they are, so I can gauge how I should do.

What’s your biggest goal for next year?

I’m not really focused on any specific goals in my climbing, I just want to continue to progress in the sport and have fun doing it. In the past, I’ve set really high goals for myself and when I get close to them I get nervous and choke, so I’m starting to approach climbing in a different way.

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