What’s It Like To Be Part of Club or Team EVO?

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Some of our Club and Team members gave us the low-down about their experiences climbing with the EVO crew and what keeps them going:

What’s your favorite thing about climbing in general?

“Though I think there are many great aspects to the sport, my favorite thing is the competition against oneself. Whether you are a competition climber or not, you’re always battling against and improving yourself. You have to constantly challenge yourself, whether this be in physical training or dealing with potential fears and doubts – it can be both extremely rewarding and humbling.” – Skylar

“My favorite thing about climbing is thinking about how to solve the route in the best way possible.” – Ella

“I think the thing I like most about climbing is the community that surrounds the sport. I like how tight-knit and friendly everyone is to each other.” – Matt

“My favorite thing about climbing is having fun pushing myself to do things that seem impossible to me and then completing them.” – Grant

“There are so many amazing and unique characteristics about climbing. I’d have to say that my favorite thing about climbing is the competitive side of the sport. Whether you’re competing against others or yourself, you’re constantly being challenged mentally and physically. I love that feeling when you’re at a competition and you’re staring at a route trying to figure out the beta and your heart is racing, but you smile because you know you can finish this climb.” – Kira

What do you enjoy most about Club or Team?

“I like having a set workout plan. If I didn’t have Team, I would be nowhere near as good as I am today.” – Matt

“What I enjoy most about Club is making friends, and being able to climb!” – Ella

“I definitely appreciate the opportunity to be with people who share the same interests as I do, because I think that’s always a really cool thing to have in your life. It’s really helpful to train with other climbers who share similar goals and struggles, but who are also very different. I think this allows us to learn from each other and support each other which is super important.” – Skylar

Team practice 2“I like being able to train with other people who are also motivated.” – Grant

“I appreciate being surrounded by people who love climbing and want to work hard to achieve their dreams. Climbing and competing with other people really helps you push yourself to accomplish your goals. When you’re on Team or Club, you get to watch others climb and by doing just that you learn so much.” – Kira

Has climbing with Club or Team made a difference in your life outside the gym?

“I’ve always had a fear of heights, but being on Team has made a huge impact on that. Talking with my other teammates and my coaches made me realize that I can do this, I can climb routes without having to worry about falling or getting hurt. My confidence level has also increased a lot. I used to be really shy and I would always tell myself that I wouldn’t make it past a certain move on a route, but now I look at things with positive energy.” – Kira

“It definitely has. I think Team has made me more social in and outside of the gym. I’m definitely more comfortable meeting new people.  – Matt

“It has! It makes me feel stronger and more capable to do other sports.” – Ella

“Climbing competitively on Team has given me a constant goal to work towards, which is enjoying and improving at the sport I love most. Climbing has also changed my mentality in general. I’ve been scared many, many times while sport climbing, but I’ve learned how to cope with fear and maintain calm…I think in a lot of situations, how you perform in your climbing is influenced mainly by your mental state, and I’ve certainly learned that improvement and success don’t come from doubt.” – Skylar

“Team hasn’t really made a difference in my life outside the gym because I don’t really have a life outside of climbing…it has definitely helped prepare me for climbing outside the gym though!” – Grant

What words of encouragement or advice do you have for someone your own age who’s thinking about trying climbing?

“Go for it! Don’t give up if a climb is really hard! If you fail the first time, try again until you get it!” – Ella

“Just try it once – because as soon as you get to the top of your first route or boulder you won’t be able to stop climbing.” – Grant

“I would say go for it, just because it’s worth trying. It’s an experience like no other and there’s a lot of exciting things to do and learn in climbing.” – Matt

“Don’t psyche yourself out! You might look at a route and notice that there are some pretty hard moves on it, but don’t ever let that scare you or keep you from trying that climb. Remember that climbing is fun and not every route is made to be easy – let it challenge you.” – Kira

“Don’t get too upset with yourself, and never let climbing stop being fun! Improvement definitely come slowly sometimes, but you just have to keep working hard. There will be a lot of instances of disappointment and anger at yourself, but don’t let failure ruin your mindset. Remember that climbing is for fun :)” – Skylar

There is a difference between the Club and Team programs. Club EVO is a program for kids interested in training and pushing themselves physically and mentally, but aren’t yet ready for the competitive climbing team or aren’t interested in competing at all, whereas Team EVO is our intensive training program for young athletes who want to push themselves to their limits and beyond. For more information on either program, visit our website or give us a call at (603)-715-9171. 

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