Kyle McCabe

    Kyle began climbing when he was 12 years old when his sister encouraged him to try it. Within a year, he was climbing competitively and soon became internationally ranked. After competing for four seasons in the adult and youth circuit, he began coaching and pursuing his passion for route setting. Over time, he has continued to excel in the world of climbing to become one of the youngest setters in the country to complete his Level 4 Chief Setter certification. In the last eight years, he has set routes for some of the most high-profile competitions in the country including the NorEaster, Dark Horse, UBC Pro Tour; IFSC Would Cup in Boulder, CO and USA Climbing Nationals for both adult and youth. When not climbing a rock, Kyle can be found in the canopy of a tree. As a Certified Arborist, and sole owner of Northern Arboriculture LLC, he rounds out his love of the outdoors into a full-time job.