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We’re mega stoked to open our doors at 8a on Saturday, March 28. We’re guessing you have questions. Here are answers to a few of them.

I heard Soft Opening is for EVO Members only, are the rumors true?

Yes, all current EVO Lou and EVO Kids members, EVO Golden Founding Members, and anyone who purchases a membership at Soft Opening is welcome to climb.

Will there be Soft Opening membership deals?

Absolutely! We’ll be waiving ALL EFT Start-Up Fees for everyone who signs up for a membership 8a – 8p Saturday, March 28, and 8a – 7p Sunday, March 22.

What if I don’t want to wait till Soft Opening to get a membership?

We wouldn’t want to wait either. Check out our special Individual and Family 1 year paid in full Founding Memberships here. You’ll save over $100/year on membership AND can renew at the same Founding Member rate for as many years as you’d like.

What if I want to check out the facility before getting a membership but don’t want to miss out on the $0 Start-Up Fee deal?

EVERYONE is WELCOME to take a tour of the facility during Soft Opening before they sign up for membership and start sending all the boulders. You’re also welcome to tour the facility and be entered to WIN 1 month of FREE MEMBERSHIP at our final Hard Hat Tour Friday, March 13, at 3p or 6p.

Will you have corporate memberships?

Yes! Bribe 2 of your coworkers to sign up for membership with you, and you’ll each save $12/month (that’s $144/year!).

So new boulders and membership deals are great and all, but is there anything else special happening?

 FREE Raffle! Everyone who joins us for Soft Opening can choose to enter our raffle for free.

What are the Raffle Prizes?

How does a crash pad, climbing shoes and rope sound? (Yes, we did just answer that question with a question.)

So when are these members-only hours over?

Day and punch passes will be available starting Saturday, April 4. EVO Lou punch pass holders: Your punches are good for use at EVO Golden starting April 4 as well.

Speaking of hours, what will yours be anyway? 

Mon – Fri: 6a – 10p
Sat: 8a – 8p
Sun: 8a – 7p

What if I have more questions?

If they pertain to EVO Golden, shoot us an email at golden@evorock.com or bring any and all of them to Soft Opening on March 28. If you’re wondering whether to have pizza or tacos for dinner, you should go with tacos. If you’re wondering something else, phone a friend—or add a poll to your Instagram story.

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