EVO Golden is Coming

Well, this is exciting. EVO Rock + Fitness has a new facility opening up in the Front Range, but get this: It’s EVO Bouldering. Yes! A bouldering-only gym in Golden, CO. Now, you probably have a trillion questions. To save time for everyone, here is the ONLY information we are providing at this time:

Q: Is EVO Lou Membership good there?
A: Absolutely.

Q: Are there any routes at all?
A: Nope. Boulderers, rejoice!

Q: Is there yoga?
A: Nope.

Q: Is there fitness?
A: No fitness classes, but you will certainly get fit for climbing on the MoonBoard, Tension Board, and Kilter Board upstairs. There will also be hangboards, campus boards and everything else you need to get crazy strong.

Q: When is it opening?
A: We’re aiming for winter 2020. Coincidence that it’s the same year that climbing enters the Olympics? Literally yes.

Q: How big will it be?
A: It’s an 11,000 sq ft building, 7,000 sq ft of climbing surface

Q: Is that small?
A: It’s tight-knit. EVO Golden is a place for dedicated, passionate climbers to get strong and focus on their climbing evolution.

Q: Can I ask more questions?
A: Nope, that’s it. No soup for you. But, feel free to follow along on Instagram @evorock_golden and on the EVO Bouldering Golden Facebook page for building updates.

Q: So, what’s the most important thing to know?
A: That if you’re tired of giant facilities where the vibe gets lost in the crowd, EVO Gold will feel like home. This is a “quality not quantity” approach. You can expect a personable crew, bomber hold selection, creative route setting, and an inclusive, friendly atmosphere.