EVO KIDS Birthday Parties

A Place To Celebrate

Birthday Parties

At EVO KIDS your Birthday Party is sure to be one to remember. Mainly because you get the entire gym to yourself! Kids will enjoy climbing, running through ninja obstacles and courses, playing games, and a whole mess of other potential activities. Best of all you won’t have to share the space with anyone else on the special day. Which means you can decorate your party area as desired and can even request specific games and activities.

A Birthday To Remember

Birthday Parties

Our EVO Party Instructors are experienced at ensuring the fun doesn’t stop. Whether pin pointing skill appropriate climbing routes, creating fun and engaging physical stations, designing an awesome obstacle course, or refereeing the perfect game your kids will not have a single dull moment from start to finish. Each party participant will receive a complimentary EVO party cup filled with various EVO goodies inside.

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