EVO KIDS is Coming Soon

We are excited to announce that EVO Rock + Fitness has a new facility opening up in the Front Range, but get this: It’s EVO KIDS. Yes! A kids-specific gym in Louisville, CO. Now, you probably have a bunch of questions. To save time for everyone, here is some  information we thought everyone would like to know:

Q: What is EVO Kids?
A: EVO Kids (EVO K) is a climbing and ninja obstacle course gym built for kids by big kids that’s crazy fun.

Q: When will EVO K open?
A: Our soft opening date is Saturday, Nov 2. We’ll have open gym from 10a – 5p.

Q: Are all ages welcome at EVO K?
A: Yes! All ages, including adults, are welcome at EVO Kids.

Q: If I buy a day pass at EVO Lou, is it good for EVO K and vice versa?
A: Yes! All day passes are good for both locations for the entire day.

Q: How much is an EVO K day pass?
A: $11 for kiddos under 5, $15 for kiddos ages 6-9, $17 for students ages 10+ and $21 for adults 18+

Q: Will my EVO Lou membership get me into EVO K?
A: Yes!

Q: Can I get an EVO K only day pass or membership?
A: Nope! That sounds terribly limiting. All memberships and day passes are good for both EVO K and EVO Lou.

Q: Will I have to fill out a separate waiver for EVO K?
A: No, if you’ve signed a waiver at any of our locations you’re ready and set to go!

Q: Is EVO K still evolving?
A: But of course. More climbing walls will be installed January 2020, and Youth Programs will begin in February 2020. Stay tuned for signups.

Q: How can I follow along with the above evolution?
A: Sign up for our mailing list here. Or follow along on Instagram or Facebook.

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