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It all started on a Saturday. Brandon White, President and Founder of Built. Construction (and avid climber) was sitting in his office thinking; I would love to build a climbing gym.  A few Google clicks later, EVO Rock + Fitness had come across his screen. 

“I saw that ‘technically’ ground had already been broken, but I looked up the address, drove by, and saw that nothing had actually started.” 

From there, White called the number on EVO’s “Coming Soon” board, posted in the corner of the lot.  He reached Managing Partner, Clint Dillard. Several conversations took place, in which White learned about Dillard’s and Hilary Harris’s vision. White presented some competitive prices, and the rest is history.  

Local Limelight: BUILT. Construction

White, who grew up in the construction industry, started Built. four years ago, and he’s always sought complex, challenging jobs for him and his team. 

“We strive to pursue unique projects, clients, and buildings,” White said of the projects he and his team take on, “I believe that putting our team on complicated and unique projects challenges and pushes us all to grow as individuals and as a company.”

EVO Rock + Fitness Louisville is Built.’s first climbing gym, and he and his crew have diligently risen to the occasion.

“Our team is incredible. I always notice construction companies talking about being on time and budget, but for us, that’s a given—that’s our standard. Where we set ourselves apart is on the customer service side of things. Our clients are entrusting us with a huge amount of money, and at times difficult decisions have to be made, but we really try hard to make every project a pleasant experience for our clients.”

Local Limelight: BUILT. Construction

“Working with Built. Construction is awesome,” Dillard said.  “They are fast, efficient and extremely skilled. I’m amazed at their capabilities from managing the project, fabrication, and metal work. I don’t know if there is a more capable, yet personable group out there.”

The feelings are mutual.

“It’s great working with Hilary and Clint,” echoed Curtis Broome, Vice President and Project Manager said of the positive workflow. “There’s a great team here, which makes the communication required for this type of project easy.” 

Curtis Broome, VP + Project Manager

Local Limelight: BUILT. Construction

Brandon White, President

Local Limelight: BUILT. Construction

Broome has been with Built. since the get-go and is stoked to be building EVO.

“We want to deliver a gym that’s better than all the other climbing gyms.” Broome said.

When asked what makes the EVO project unique, Broome replied, “One, there’s the cool factor.  When you tell people ‘I’m building a climbing gym,’ everyone’s excited.  There’s also a level of complication,” Broome continued, “the integration of a pre-engineered building with the climbing wall structure is already complicated—then you throw in working the fire sprinkler system, HVAC, and lighting in and through the structural webbing of the walls, and it gets technical.  Our team really thrives on projects with this level of difficulty.”

Inside EVO Louisville

Local Limelight: BUILT. Construction

Broome and his team have a lot in common; they all enjoy climbing, (many of them have been climbing partners), they’re all in their 30’s, and they’re all enthused about EVO Rock + Fitness Louisville offering daycare options.

Aaron Simmons, Built.’s Building Superintendent, has four kids, and has been a climber for 15 years.

One thing that makes this gym stand out is the family-friendly side of it. There are options if you have kids; a lot of gyms don’t have anything like that.

He remembers what it was like in the beginning:

“When I started climbing, it was in the back of a warehouse, and you wouldn’t want to bring your kids there even if you could.  It was just garden rocks instead of mats, and I think they had to fumigate the building.”

Climbing gyms have come a long way.  Nate Doney, Built.’s Project Engineer recalled the gym Simmons started climbing at.

“It smelled bad,” he agreed. “You can put holds on anything and make it a wall, but that’s not what this gym (EVO) is going to be.”

Aaron Simmons, Building Superintendent

Local Limelight: BUILT. Construction

Nate Doney, Project Engineer

Local Limelight: BUILT. Construction

Doney said he recognizes that this project is personal for Harris and Dillard, which makes a difference in a good way.

The focus for them isn’t, ‘let’s just make something and have people pay for it.’  This gym is an extension of their family.

When EVO is finished, Built. hopes to have a project right next door, building a brewery.

“Nothing is under contract yet, but we have talked to several individuals. Breweries are one of our things,” White said of the impending project.

EVO Founder Hilary Harris is an advocate for Built.’s involvement next door.

“I hope they’re the ones building the brewery,” Harris said, “they’ve been a pleasure to work with. They’re extremely communicative, organized, professional, and have really kept out interests at the forefront of their priorities.  They’ve just been great, that’s all I can say.”

Simmons, White, Broome, and Doney Outside EVO Lou

Local Limelight: BUILT. Construction

Built. Construction is headquartered in Longmont, CO.  They’re a young, driven group of skilled professionals who are committed to detail, open communication, and being the best at what they do. Please stay tuned for an interview with Andy Johnson of DAJ Design, who has also been an integral part of this Dream Team.  Photo cred for this post: Alex Kahn 

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