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Corporate HQ and 25,000-square-foot Indoor Climbing Facility Opens Doors in Jan. 2017


LOUISVILLE, CO. (Dec. 1, 2016) – EVO Rock + Fitness, an indoor rock-climbing company that exists to enable its members to discover their untapped potential through climbing, is set to open its newest location and corporate headquarters in Louisville, Colo., in Jan. 2017.

EVO Rock + Fitness Louisville (“EVO Lou”) is located at 1754 Dogwood Street, Louisville and comprises a 25,000-square feet climbing facility and corporate headquarters. EVO Lou joins existing EVO Rock + Fitness locations in Portland, ME, Concord, NH, and Indianapolis, IN.

Over the past month, the EVO Lou leadership team has taken shape, and includes Managing Partner Clint Dillard, Operations Manager Rebecca Robran and Integrated Marketing Manager, Sarah Fountain. The three new team members join CEO Hilary Harris in the Louisville EVO headquarters. Harris is a climber of 30 years and called Boulder, Colo., home for many of those years. She’s the Founder and CEO of EVO, Inc.

The leadership team of EVO Lou is dedicated to creating a gym where everyone is comfortable, where the history of climbing is protected, and where a strong connection is fostered to the outdoors.

Harris met Dillard at the 7th Annual Climbing Wall Association Summit in 2013.

“It became instantly clear that we shared the same ideas and morals,” Harris said of the partnership.

Dillard brings 25 years of experience as an outdoor enthusiast, and 17 years of local Louisville-community knowledge. As a boulderer, trad climber, mountaineer, alpinist, and ice climber, he’s confident in his ability to understand what will make EVO Lou a best-in-class climbing gym that melds EVO’s unique approach with the Louisville community.

“Our gym will be a pathway to empowerment through climbing for our Louisville community membership,” he said. “We’re also dedicated to educating the community about the climbing’s history and ethics and bridging together the heritage approach of climbing with the many newcomers the sport is attracting as we head toward the Olympic debut of climbing in 2020.”

Rebecca “Becky” Robran, is EVO’s new Operations Manager. She’s been a climber for 12 years, focusing on bouldering. Robran and husband Chris Gibson owned and operated a gym in Chattanooga, Tennessee, which they ran for seven years.

“I’ve always loved the indoor climbing industry, specifically, gyms that offer a welcoming and inclusive vibe,” she said. “At EVO, new climbers can be right next to highly experienced, super strong climbers, and everyone is just stoked to be improving themselves and climbing together.”

Sarah Fountain, also a climbing enthusiast, joins EVO Rock + Fitness Louisville as Integrated Marketing Manager. She started with EVO in the Portland, ME facility and relocated to Louisville, Colo., to help the team launch the new location.

“Finding EVO Rock + Fitness completed me just like Tom Cruise completed Rene Zellweger in that Jerry Maguire movie,” Fountain said. “I’m wholly dedicated to creating a community for Louisville in EVO’s newest location, and to sharing my passion for climbing.”

EVO Rock + Fitness invites its future members from Louisville and surrounding areas to join its newsletter at, to stay up to date on upcoming open houses, tours, and the grand opening celebration.

“Everyone from Becky to Sarah, to Clint, to the construction team, and architect are incredible,” Harris said. “All these moving pieces are coming together, and it’s nothing short of astonishing – we can’t wait to open our doors to the community!”

MEDIA CONTACT: Sarah Fountain // Integrated Marketing Manager, EVO Rock + Fitness 



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