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Rock climbing is full of heights, fear, and commitment; things people love to avoid, which is exactly why it’s so good for you.  Let’s talk about the reasons people choose not to climb, and then prove them wrong.  It’ll be fun.

Reason #1: I’m not strong enough 

There’s a common misconception that big biceps equate to expert climbers.  Contrary to popular belief, Hulk-style arms are NOT a requirement.  Footwork actually plays a far more important role in one’s progression of climbing, and some of the best climbers in the world are rather, dare we say—petite.

Five Reasons Not To Climb…Debunked
See? Even this stick figure can climb
Five Reasons Not To Climb…Debunked
No Hulk-arms here...

Reason # 2: I should have started when I was younger

Great news! You’re never too “old” (what is “old,” anyway?) to start climbing. Just take a look at EVO member, Mike McLellan.  He’s 59 and just started climbing last year. He’s already tackled Garden of the Gods and has an affinity for ice climbing, which plenty of young-whipper-snappers won’t even go near.

Also, Chhanda Dutta (yes—that’s spelled correctly) PhD, Chief of the Clinical Gerontology Branch at the National Institute on Aging, says that even humans at the ripe age of 90 can create muscle and build body strength.  So there goes that excuse. Let’s move on.

Five Reasons Not To Climb…Debunked
Mike McLellan a boss
Five Reasons Not To Climb…Debunked
Mike McLellan...with the GoPro

Reason # 3: I don’t have time 

Listen, that’s bologna, and we both know it.  Cut out 60 minutes (even 30 minutes) of Netflix, and voila: time! Why?

Well, unless you’ve been living under a boulder for the past couple decades, you probably know that a lot of doctor-people have been talking about how beneficial exercise is for your body, mind, and (not to sound all new-agey) spirit. Also, the beauty of a climbing gym (besides everything) are all the hours of operation based on convenience.

Five Reasons Not To Climb…Debunked
Five Reasons Not To Climb…Debunked

Reason #4: Climbing probably doesn’t burn many calories; if I’m going to workout it’s going to be worth it

Wrong! (I say that in a loving way.) You can burn between 500 to 900 calories per hour when climbing, even with rests in between.

Plus, climbing with your homies is way more exciting than watching CNN on the treadmill.  Holy monotony.

Five Reasons Not To Climb…Debunked
Don't be like this guy.This guy looks bored.

Reason #5: I’m afraid of heights, and life as I know it ends when I’m 5 feet off the ground

Cognitive behavioral therapy suggests that gradual exposure to heights is an effective way to overcome your fear.  This, in fact, makes rock climbing a perfect venue to get stronger mentally and gain new perspectives! Literally.

Five Reasons Not To Climb…Debunked
Little Lego Man: also afraid of heights, but ready for change.

So, friends, there you have it. That was fun. Did I miss an excuse? Let me know at You can use that email address to either:

  1. Tell me all the reasons I’m wrong…
  2. Or, we can begin a beautiful friendship in which I help you signup for membership.  Expected Soft Opening date of EVO Lou is February 18th, 2017.  But I’m here now. Right now. Sup.
Five Reasons Not To Climb…Debunked
Climbing will make you feel sunny + bright, like this...(that's me touching rock for the first time; as a climber)
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