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We’ve compiled a list of FAQ’s about EVO Lou, and answered them.  We hope it helps!

  1. “When are you opening?”  Our projected Soft Opening Date is February 18, 2017.  However, this date is contingent upon circumstances outside of our control; such as inspections, flooring, and brigades of rabid prairie dogs.
  2. “Are you going to have auto belays?” Yup, we sure are.  Five lovely Tru Blues will be with us on opening day for your auto belaying pleasure.
  3. “Do you have a Corporate Membership Program?” EVO Lou is located at the heart of the Louisville Colorado Tech Center, so—yes. What better reward for working hard, than receiving a discount to climb (and yoga)? There’s a three person minimum per company.  The rate for employees who signup for this program is $64 per month, as opposed to $75. Email Sarah Fountain ( to signup or ask ALL the questions. She loves questions. Not kidding.
  4. What and when is your next promotion?  We’re currently running a promo in which paid-in-full members receive 10% off a one-year-membership and get a $15 gift-certificate to Pica’s Taqueria. After that ends on February 1, the next deal will start on Saturday, February 11, and run through Monday, February 13.  For that deal, we’ll be waiving the $75 EFT startup fee.  More info on that soon.
  5. What’s the holdup? Why aren’t you open? Why do you hate us? I know, right? Well, here are the most recent pictures from construction last week. There are a lot of moving parts. Literally.  Walltopia, Built.Construction, RockWerx, and Asana Climbing are doing everything in their power to complete the tasks at hand.  All we can do ask is for patience! Apparently, it’s a virtue…
  6. I have more questions! Who can I call, besides Ghostbusters? You can contact Sarah Fountain (, that girl who loves questions. She might not have all the answers, but she can direct you to a human who will.


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