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“Katie is dedicated to guiding each student in their journey to find balance and healing through the practice of yoga. She received her 200-hour Registered Yoga Alliance Certification from Sacred Garden, under the instruction of Cindy Olah.

Practicing yoga for the past five years, she has developed a passion for helping students get into their bodies and find true alignment. An avid rock climber, skier and trail runner, Katie, and with the help of her teachers, has worked through tightness and injuries in her own body. Due to her experiences, she enjoys working with athletes to promote yoga as therapy.

Having compassion for everyone’s own journey, she offers vinyasa flow classes that help students learn and grow in their personal yoga practice. When not teaching or practicing yoga, Katie enjoys spending time skiing or rock climbing with her husband, Carson.”

What do you love about yoga? 

What I love about yoga is that it helps me calm down. As a “type A” person, yoga has been a great way to bring balance into my life.

What do you love about the practice?

When I practice, I feel an expansion in my body and breath, and it brings me to the present moment. As a climber, I appreciate that it helps to strengthen and lengthen my entire body.

What’s your benefit from being a yoga practitioner? 

Yoga has greatly contributed to my climbing objectives.  It has taught me how to breathe, and that has enhanced every other aspect of my life; not only in athletic endeavors but also in the day-to-day.

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Yoga for Climbers // Yoga for Everyone : Katie Braswell
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