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Uxia  (oo-shee-ah) is passionate about helping people to experience a deep and intentional practice, with great attention to the energy and healing benefits of yoga.

Students love Uxia’s clear and directive style, offering gracious personal attention whenever possible. Uxia discovered yoga in 2006 while working as a senior executive in the fashion industry for a large international Danish company. As her career pace and stress levels grew out of control, her experience of wellness and connection began to dissolve. Yoga was her key to recovery and awakened her to a fuller experience of life.

In 2012 Uxia gave up her work in the fashion world and dedicated herself completely to the study of yoga, as a teacher, and to transform her own life. Since then, she has traveled the world exploring spiritual traditions, completed more than one yoga teacher training, numerous teacher enrichments, and has studied in-depth in full-time residential programs with yoga masters in India, Canada, Mexico and Spain.

Uxia is also a certified Yoga Therapist (IAYT), and loves to share the power of Ayurveda and yogic lifestyles with her students.” 

What is your favorite benefit of being a yoga practitioner? 

For me, yoga is a spiritual practice. At one point in my life, while I was still an executive in a large European fashion company, yoga saved my life. Yoga slows me down, connects me with my wise and peaceful center, and gives me a loving relationship to life.

How can yoga help climbers? 

Climbing requires almost all the core gifts of yoga: present moment awareness, a sensitive relationship to one’s own body, and ability and strength through balance and leverage. It helps you improve your flexibility, balance, core, strength, breathing, endurance, and focus. I used to love climbing myself (once my baby is born, I’ll be back!) so the application of yoga for climbers is natural for me.

When did you leave Spain, and what brought you to Colorado? 

In 2010 I was still living in Spain but began to travel more extensively (learning with different yoga masters). Over the following years I spent months in India with my master there, Tanzania, India again, Canada, and later I spent months in Mexico with a second master who I have followed for years. When on my last trip to study in Mexico, I met and fell in love with the man who is now my husband – a Canadian living in Mexico working and living in the apartment two doors down from mine.

In 2014 my husband was offered a job in the Denver/Boulder area, and we decided that living in Boulder County would be a dream come true.  So, almost three years here in Colorado! And I LOVE it.

Uxia teaches at EVO LOU on Tuesdays from 12:15 – 1:15. 

Spirituality and Yoga with Uxia Ellerby
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