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What do you get when you cross two long-time climbers (Hilary Harris and Clint Dillard), an advanced 3D software program (SketchUp) and a skilled team of architects (DAJ Design)? EVO LOU, of course. In this article, written by SketchUp, you’ll read about what made this project unique, the premeditated plans for a good gym vibe, and how EVO LOU came to be more than “just a box” climbing gym.

Photo from SketchUp


Quotes from DAJ Design Architect Ryan Costner:

  • “This design is much more about how the spaces have different energies and can enhance each other.”
  • “The size of building had some interesting challenges. We quickly learned through some early designs that it shouldn’t be just a big box….”
  • “We designed the shape of the building and worked with the team on locating the different types of climbing areas. We had to coordinate HVAC to work around and within the climbing walls structures. By using a combined model that included our building and the climbing wall company’s model, we were able to model the ductwork to work within the complicated structure.”
  •  “SketchUp became our collaboration tool.”
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