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Merideth goes by “Meri” which makes sense, because she is very merry. She teaches fitness classes at EVO 3x per week (Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 am and Wednesdays at noon). Let’s get motivated in this short interview: 

So, Meri, when did fitness become so important in your life?

I’ve personal trained and taught classes ever since I could. Even before I could drive, my mom was dropping me off at the gym, and my dad was picking me up. My brother also taught me to workout at a super young age.

My parents eat very well, so growing up, that was a big piece, and my brother was a big influence on me regarding really stepping up my fitness.

When did you move to Colorado? 

Two years ago I moved out to be closer to my brother, my sister-in-law, and now my niece, after nine years of working for a company called Forrester Research, where I developed their Wellness Program to keep their whole company healthy, fit, and active. I also developed their Volunteer Program, so that was my baby that blossomed. I took a lot of pride in that. I majored in business, which came in handy for developing those branches.

Corporate Wellness is your jam then?

Yes. Having a passion for healthy living and fitness and working in a corporate environment is what inspired me to build corporate Wellness Programs, which has become my specialty and passion.

There are the obvious benefits of working out, such as weight loss, but what are some other added bonuses? 

There are two things that go beyond general fitness. The first is sanity: you can be totally stressed about things in life; but those things probably aren’t as overwhelming as you think they are. Then you go on a short little run, and everything becomes so much more clear to you. It restores you to sanity.

The second component that I feel is really important is empowerment: feeling really good about your body, and feeling good about how strong you are. I think that reflects how you take on life.

So, those things are really important for me. Especially work-site wellness. Those people need to feel as empowered as possible. They need to go to work with a strong base, and feel like they can take on anything.

What’s the number one excuse you hear from people saying they don’t workout?

‘I don’t have time.’ And that excuse is what makes me feel that it’s so important to get involved in the world where people feel like don’t have space for working out in their schedules. I get it. I say, ‘I hear you, I hear that you’re working late, I hear you have to make dinner for your kids, I hear you’re tired, but how can I help you? How can I help make a healthy lifestyle a convenient part of your life?’

Maybe it’s just putting your workout clothes in the car. That’s one simple thing. Also, expectations. Lower your expectations! It’s okay if you can only workout for 15- 20 minutes. It’s better than nothing. Just start with that. I want to help. I love it.

What do you like about the HITT model of fitness?

It’s awesome, it’s trendy. It’s great knowing that you can get a full workout in an hour, including warm-up and cool down. It’s also great because people can have a broad range of goals within the class, whether it’s weight loss, whether they’re training to run for an event, or hike, and it’s perfect cross-training for climbing.

Is there anything you would want me to mention? Something about yourself or something that you use to help motivate people?

First of all, I think the corporate stuff is important, and based on EVO LOU’s location (the Louisville Tech Center) there are a lot of corporate people who can benefit from the morning workouts. And they don’t even have to come the whole time. Come for 15 minutes!

Another big thing for me, is, I think it’s important to all help each other. We’re all in this world together, we’re all overwhelmed, we’re all trying to find our full potential, and I think it’s important that we all have one another. Bringing people together and motivating one another is my main goal in life.

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