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For the first time in five years, USAC Sport and Speed Divisionals will be held in Colorado. EVO Rock + Fitness Louisville has the honor of hosting this powerhouse event. Over 200 competitors in between ages 7 – 18 from two regions will be competing for Nationals. Below are some FAQ’s about what this means for EVO LOU Members. 

  • When is this? June 17 + 18
  • Can I climb on these days? Kind of. Check-in begins at 7 am, and it will be quite busy in here. The Lead Wall and the Bouldering Area will be CLOSED.
  • What will I do?! The Spot and the BRC are awesome-possum and have offered trade days for our Members during Divisionals weekend.
  • How will this affect the routes? The Lead Wall Pillar will be fully stripped on June 12. Send your projects by then, or forever hold your project peace.
  • There will be sweet new routes though, right? Yep. Twenty new comp routes will be going up. However, they will be CLOSED to the public until after the comps. Climb to your hearts’ content after Divisionals are over. Maybe host your own competition with your friends? Just a thought.
  • What else? No competitors or their parents are allowed in the gym after June 12. If you see any, tackle them. KIDDING! (But really, they shouldn’t be in here. Also, no pictures.)
  • AND….NO DOGS!! We love our furry friends but our landlord does not! Sorry 🙁
  • How long til the Lead Wall is refilled? Our Setters will be working hard to refill the Lead Wall after the comp, so please be patient. Or, if you hate being patient, feel free to drop angry comments in the comment box located near the lockers.
  • Who is the Chief? Bret Johnston: One of only 15 Level 5 Setters in the US.
  • Who designed that sweet graphic? Lynn Mandziuk! #cactusbeardesign
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