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Liz Haas is a 22-year-old Green Mountain State native who enjoys doodling, working as a Youth Programs Instructor at EVO, and blogging. She’s an Ambassador and Social Media Manager for EcoVessel. She’s also an advocate for dirtbag living, all types of rock climbing, and recently moved into a trailer that’s quite literally a box named “Rupert.” Let’s get to know her a little bit: 

Liz! Let’s start with your blog, Coffe.Tape.Climb. in which you document your life as a climber. 

Yes. My life, my random thoughts on climbing, random thoughts in general, doodles, things I’ve learned, things I just wish were a thing, and lots of lists, like, ‘10 Reasons to Get Psyched on Bouldering,’ or ‘Five Reasons Raincoats are Awesome,’ which I haven’t written yet, but it’s on the list.

Raincoats are underrated. 

Oh yeah, they’re windbreakers, you can sit on them for a damp picnic, and they make your puffy warmer.

We could probably talk about the benefits of raincoats for a while, but let’s move on. How long have you been climbing? 

Three-ish years.  I started in a barn-esque gym in Vermont with high school friends and continued to climb at the University of New Hampshire. I met a good crew, who took me to Pawtuckaway State Park in February. They set up pads for me to fall into snow banks, and it sucked, but it was also awesome.

That’s what friends are for! While you were still in New England, you had internships with Climbing Magazine and Rock & Ice, correct? 

Yes. Despite having not climbed for that long, I’ve been thrown into the climbing world in a big way.  I’ve learned a lot about the basics of training and nutrition through putting up and writing articles up for both magazines. I’ve also gotten to work with a lot of professional climbers.

I was looking at your blog this morning, and you had a post on power oatmeal with bananas. You seem to be a very health-conscious 22 year old. Since “Take Care of Yo’self” month at EVO LOU is wrapping up, let’s talk about that. 

Local Limelight: Liz Haas
Photo Cred: Tim O'Maley

Between climbing and starting to practice yoga for climbing, I have gained a larger body awareness. I have learned that if I don’t sleep well, I feel like trash, and if I don’t eat well, I feel terrible. I can’t climb if I haven’t fueled my body.

Where do you find the bulk of your nutrition information?

All over. I find that type of thing really interesting.  I listen to podcasts from TrainingBeta and The Power Company before bed most nights.

What kinds of health components do you think are already built into EVO? 

Our restorative yoga class on Sunday,  you should do it. Don’t go into it as a workout. Go into it thinking ‘this is my hour to relax and unwind.’ Or go to our fitness area, use a foam roller to work out the kinks, and use the bands to do some pre-hap—external and internal rotations—so you don’t blow your shoulder out on the lead wall later.

Sometimes it’s hard for folks just to show up. What can you say about overcoming that? 

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, even though I’m only 22, it’s to be a happy human, I need to take care of my mental health needs. If you’re a busy parent, take care of yourself by fitting in a climbing or yoga session. We now have full daycare hours. Check your kiddos into daycare, take that hour or two for yourself, and come out smiling.

Being in a better place to spread happiness is where it’s at. How has downsizing into a smaller “home” worked out? 

It’s less than 4 and a half feet wide on the inside, and a little over seven feet long, but I love it having my own little space.

Was the EVO fam helpful? 

The EVO climbing community made my move possible. When one of the owners, Clint, comes out to figure out why your roof is leaking, it’s pretty amazing. My boss, Becky, not only bought my fan on her personal Amazon account, but she installed the entire thing for me. She even send me a link to the exact adhesive product I needed and confirmed it was in stock in the Home Depot in Louisville.

I had co-workers out there helping me for four hours at a time. Sean brought a tarp and helped me put my bed together. Emmett figured out the dimensions of my bed with me. There’s no way I would have been able to move in so soon without the community here.

So basically, come to EVO and Take Care of Yo’self. 

Oh, for sure.

That’s some pretty solid beta. 

Local Limelight: Liz Haas
Photo Cred: Tim O'Maley

Follow Liz on Insta @coffee.tape.climb and on her blog.

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