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We hope you’ve been enjoying the setting as of late. We do our best to keep things fresh and to your liking. After all, most of what we do is for you. Setters keep in mind a lot of the same things you do: grade consistency, clipping stances, enjoyable movement and diversity in style. We forerun every route and every boulder to maintain a high level of quality. We look at what we do here as a craft, a passion, a job and a way to express ourselves through designing movements.

Setting is like cooking. You might be able to differentiate gyms’ unique ‘flavors’—some are smooth and others aggressive. This is often attributed to what each gym community likes from their setters and how the setting departments interpret customer feedback. As much as we like exploring with many different ingredients and flavors, the end goal is that you enjoy what you’re eating…or crushing.

Do you like what we’re cooking? We want to know! If you see one of our setters and have some good (or not so good) feedback, we would love to hear it. We enjoy our craft and love talking about our work. You might be surprised to hear what we intended with a certain move or hold. You are also always welcome and encouraged to send any thoughts on setting to Don’t hesitate to reach out—we don’t bite.

— EVO Setting

Keep an eye out for more updates from the crew on the Setters’ Board, located above the ramp leading to the bouldering area. 

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