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Sat, August 3 // 2p – 5p // FREE for MEMBERS
FREE w/ day pass purchase/punch pass use
This is NOT an end of summer bouldering comp. This IS a full-on it’s-clearly-still-summer POOL-PARTY-themed BOULDERING COMP complete with: Extra Points for climbing boulders while wearing pool toys // FREE FOOD // You lounging on pool toys watching your friends fall off boulders because they couldn’t climb them while wearing pool toys // Prizes (basically the best blow-up pool toys we could find) // Pool toys (if you didn’t catch that before).

Tues, August 13 // 6:30p – 7:30p // FREE for MEMBERS
FREE w/ day pass purchase/punch pass use
No pain, no gain, right? Well…not quite; at least not when it comes to your shoulders. Learn the best (p)rehab exercises for fantastic feelin’ shoulders fo’ free!

Fri, August 16 // 7p – 9p // FREE Snacks // Everyone Welcome
FREE for Members // FREE w/ $10 Friday day pass* purchase
Join us for a fun evening of climbing, community and cookies that’s OPEN TO EVERYONE of all genders and orientations. And, yes, you read that right: There will be cookies. *All day passes $10 after 4p every Friday.

Sat, August 24 // 2p – Close // FREE CLIMBING (see #s 1 + 2 below)
Let’s get rowdy for Global Climbing Day on August 24th! What does that mean?!…
Well, we’ve teamed up with The North Face and climbing gyms across the globe to celebrate inclusivity and community through climbing by:
1) Offering FREE CLIMBING for any and everyone who has never climbed at EVO Lou
2) Giving each of our MEMBERS one FREE GUEST PASS EACH to be used by anyone of their choosing.
3) Giving all-y’all rad gear deals (see Facebook Event for more deets).

Fri, September 6 // 1p – 5p // FREE BEER for those 21+
25 spaces // Sign up online here
YAYYYYYYY trail work day! We’ve partnered with the Boulder Climbing Community + Front Range Climbing Stewards to give back to our local crags (more specifically Lookout Mountain Crag in Golden) and are asking y’all to help by moving rocks. Double bonus: FREE BEER for attendees 21+ and EVO Pro Shop coupons for all!

Sign up for Yoga + Fitness classes ahead of time on the MindBody App or Yoga + Fitness Calendar on our Website for speedier check-in before each class 🙂

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