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Watch EVO Member and Team Solo athlete Tanner Bauer send one of Indian Creek’s hardest boulders The Color of Curiosity (V13) and one of the more obscure X-rated trad routes in Utah, Soft Grit (5.13X).

Now we have a feeling the number one question on your mind is something along the lines of:
So can EVO reopen starting April 27th when ‘Stay-At-Home’ is over?

Sadly no, Governor Polis has mandated that all gyms (and restaurants and bars) remain closed during this next ‘Safer-At-Home’ phase of reopening.

But on a happy note: We ARE able to reopen retail for curbside pickup starting Monday, April 27. Email your gear wish lists and inquiries (including special orders) to Members: Your 10% OFF discount still applies even if your membership is frozen :). Learn more about ‘Safer-At-Home’ here (spoiler alert, it’s not staggeringly different from ‘Stay-At-Home’, but it IS a baby step toward reopening).

So question number 2 is likely:
What IS the estimated timeline for reopening? 

We will continue to follow all government mandated protocols, and Governor Polis has not yet set a date for when restaurants, bars and gyms can reopen other than a tentative ‘hopefully some can reopen in mid-May’. When we do reopen, we intend to allow limited access to support social distancing guidelines and help prevent any further transferring of COVID-19 after the quarantine. This might look like: rotating routes, reserved times/days, and removing community lead ropes.

Have more questions for us? Want to connect with EVO staff and community members? Great!

// Happy Last Friday of Stay-At-Home!
// Happy Last Friday of Stay-At-Home!

Join EVO leadership team members Jon Sullivan (left) and Jeff Llewellyn (right) for a Zoom Happy Hour TODAY from 5:30p-6:30p to hang out, drink BYOBs (or chocolate milk if you’re on a strict covid gainz program) and get to know the team.

Jon and Jeff have a thing for chatting with friends over beers and sharing knowledge on the collective billion outdoor activities they’re passionate about. And really they just miss the EVO community and would love to catch up with everyone.
Long story short: Join ’em for a grand ol’ time.

Now let’s take a minute to talk about motivation.
It’s 200% okay to not feel motivated to train right now.

It’s great if you’re stoked to hangboard twice a week, hammer out more than your fair share of pull-up and push-up challenges, and do 5 minutes of abs first thing every morning (or more realistically sometime mid-afternoon), but if you find yourself more on the surviving side of the thriving to surviving scale, that’s okay. Here’s a fantastic podcast by Power Company Climbing on being  motivated (and not motivated) during this shutdown featuring Sam Elias, Eva Lopez and Jonathan Siegrist among others.

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