Intro to Rope Climbing – Beginners (14yrs+)

Our Intro to Climbing class will help you learn the basic skills you need to climb on a rope. You will learn the climbing basics: grading systems, beginning technique, how to fit a harness properly, how to tie in, and how to belay. To learn how to belay, you will need a partner, so it may be a fun experience to share with a friend or family member. Our instruction will provide you with the skills and knowledge needed have to pass a belay test, after which you will be free to climb for as long as you like.

Lead Climbing Course – Advanced

The course consists of two 3-hour sessions over a two week period. Lead climbing topics include risk awareness, use of equipment, clipping technique, belay technique, avoiding common mistakes, outdoors vs. indoors, and Leave No Trace principles.
*If you cannot make the scheduled time, send us an e-mail at  and we will find an instructor available for the times that can suit your schedule.

Private Instruction

Madaleine Sorkin Coaching

Private Instruction with Lynn Hill

Lynn Hill is one of the most technically dialed and celebrated climbers. Ever. The first person to free climb the Nose (and free it in a day), the first woman to climb 5.14a and onsight 5.13b, and—wait—why are we telling you all this? You probably knew all of that already. The point is, Lynn specializes in assessing climbers’ technique to help them improve indoors and outside. And you could be one of those climbers she helps.

Pricing: $125/hr for members, add $10 reduced price day pass for not-yet-members

Email to set up your private session.

Private Instruction with Madaleine Sorkin

What’s keeping you from sending your sport and trad projects? Fear of falling? Fear of small gear? Fear of the unknown? Fear of not getting that send burger your friend promised you? Elite big wall climber and guide Madaleine Sorkin is here to help you through any and all of the above* and anything else that might be holding you back. (*Send burgers not included in price of private session)

Pricing: $75/hr for members, add $10 reduced price day pass for not-yet-members

Email to set up your private session.

Private Coaching with EVO

There is no better way to improve one’s climbing ability than working one-on-one with an experienced climbing coach. Whether you want just to come in for a single session performance diagnosis, or would like to work one-on-one with a coach on a regular basis, we have offerings that best fit your needs.

Pricing: $60/ hr for members, add $10 reduced price day pass for not-yet-members

To signup, email



For people who started climbing in a gym, but are interested in learning the skills and etiquette required to climb outside, the transition can feel slow, treacherous, and difficult to navigate.

We introduce many people to climbing here at EVO. Because of that, we feel it’s our duty to help climbers who want to make the transition to climbing outside.  In order to fit into people’s busy schedules, we do this through a series of hands-on clinics in our facility, known as the Gym to Crag Program.

Each clinic is taught by an AMGA professional climbing guide.