EVO Used Holds Sale

We’re here to help you keep your home wall hold selections freshy-fresh. Many thank yous for supporting us while we’re closed!

Holds sell out fast (think: often 48 hours after we announce a sale), so we will do our best to keep this page updated both when we have holds available and when we sell out. Details on which holds are available, how to order them and more below 🙂


Check back for potential upcoming sales.

When: May 4th – 8th, 11a – 7p
Where: Curbside Pickup* at EVO Lou // 1754 Dogwood St, Louisville, CO *pickup outside the conference room on the west end of the building (the door immediately on your left when you pull into the entrance to our parking lot) AFTER you order your holds via the ‘Browse Holds’ button below
Who: Whoever wants to buy some grips for their home wall, mini hangboard-style ‘wall’ or to decorate coffee mugs with for funzies 
Which Holds: Check ’em out here. Most of them are polyurethane** (**good stuff)
Why: Two words: COVID Gainz


1. Using the photos and the spreadsheet in the drive file to determine which sets you are interested in purchasing. TJ will do his best to keep this up-to-date as inventory changes. If you are unsure and want recommendations let me know how steep your wall is and what you are trying to use your wall for (i.e. fun climbing w/ friends, training, learning movement, etc.).

2. Email TJ (tj@evorock.com) with your order. Please write “EVO Holds: Your Name” in the subject line.

3. We coordinate pickup/payment and you get your holds!

  • Pickup – I can either meet you at the door of the gym with the holds or I can leave them out on the curb for you to grab. Whatever you are comfortable with.
  • Payment – if you are a member (or have a card on file) we would prefer to bill your account for the amount as this is the most COVID-19 friendly method. We can also run a card on site or over the phone. 

Other Services/Tips
1. We partnered with Eldorado Climbing Walls for home wall building supplies! Checkout their site dedicated to supporting your local gym when building a home wall or getting supplies.

2. Need help with routesetting? If you’re interested in getting some help or this is your first time setting please reach out to TJ. The setting staff at EVO would love to help you in this endeavor. Putting holds on your wall for you might be challenging in these times but we’re happy to answer questions, consult on ordering/design, and are even willing to video conference with you as you’re working. Whatever is clever!

If interested please email tj@evorock.com with “Home Setting: Your Name” in the subject. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or reflections please don’t hesitate to reach out to TJ, tj@evorock.com

Happy Climbing!

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