Our Fitness and Yoga Calendar has our full schedule of Fitness and Yoga classes that we offer weekly. Classes do not require a reservation. It is recommended that you arrive 15 minutes before the start of the class. Sign ins are in the Yoga Room or Fitness area. Want to keep up to date on our class offerings? Our Calendar may also be integrated into a personal Google Calendar.

H.I.I.T Classes

H.I.I.T. = High Intensity Interval Training = accountability and burning as many calories as possible! This is an exercise class alternating short periods of intense anaerobic intervals with short recovery periods. Get ready to sweat, burn more calories, and train for whatever intensity life may bring you!

CORE Classes

Core Strength and Balance: This class targets the muscles that increase core stability and strength. Balance exercises are part this class. This class is for everyone who wants a strong core and to avoid injury. Get ready to have a solid core!

Meet Our Instructors

We work with talented fitness instructors that are dedicated to creating a challenging and progressive experience for participants. Want to know more about our instructors? We have a bio of each available with details of their practice and fitness background.