Youth Programs

Gibbons (2-5yrs)


Bring in your tots to discover the fun-filled basics of kids’ climbing with the instruction of our friendly staff! Our staff create a comfortable and secure atmosphere as kids explore all areas inside of EVO. Focus is on helping your little one increase and recognize coordination, social skills, strength and confidence. Parents are welcome.

Geckos (6-8yrs)


Introduce your child to the fundamentals of rock climbing through a variety of fun games and activities. Focus will be on introducing kids to bouldering, roped climbing and building problem solving skills. With instruction and support from our positive, encouraging coaches, your child’s climbing skills and self‐esteem will rise.

Gremlins (9-10yrs)


Gremlins engages kids socially and physically through learning to roped climb, boulder, slackline and play a variety of climbing-related games that aid in skill-building. Emphasis will be on transitioning your child into more advanced skill sets and helping them gain confidence in the skills they currently possess.

Mtn Goats (11yrs+)


This is a perfect program for kids who want to work on their climbing skills in a non-competitive environment. Climbers will have the opportunity to continue building on their physical and mental skill sets while learning the fundamentals of roped systems, including knot tying and belaying.


Kids Fun Days are a great way for your kids to spend their days off from school. Kids enjoy climbing while having fun with their friends in a new, challenging environment. Our experienced instructors teach the basics of bouldering and toproping and facilitate fun climbing games.

Spring Break Camp

Spring Break Camp

Spring Break Camp days are almost too fun, with hours of toprope climbing, bouldering, climbing games, slacklining and a few surprise activities facilitated by our enthusiastic, supportive climbing instructors.

Missed our Early Bird Summer Camp Signup Sale? Sign up for Spring Break Camp and receive a coupon for $50 OFF one week of summer camp.

Club + Team

Club and Team EVO

Club EVO


AGES 6-19
Athletes looking to advance their climbing technique and skills, but who are not quite ready for Team EVO or competitions. Members of Club EVO are not required to compete.

  • $200/month; $400 deposit; includes membership, team uniform; does not include rentals
  • Tues, Thurs 4:30p – 6:30p



AGES 6-12
Athletes in the fundamentals of climbing and learning to train stages of competing in USA Climbing (USAC) bouldering, sport and speed climbing competitions.

  • $275/month; $550 deposit; includes membership and team uniform; does not include rentals
  • Mon, Wed, Fri 4:30p – 7p



AGES 13-19
Athletes working to progress as competitors on the regional level in USA Climbing (USAC) bouldering, sport and speed climbing competitions.

  • $275/month; $550 deposit; includes membership and team uniform; does not include rentals
  • Mon, Wed, Fri 4:30p – 7p



AGES 13-19
Highly skilled athletes looking to progress as competitors on the national level in USA Climbing (USAC) bouldering, sport and speed climbing competitions.

  • $300/month; $600 deposit;; includes membership and team uniform; does not include rentals
  • Mon, Wed, Fri 5p – 8p

Summer Camps


EVO Rock + Fitness Louisville has week-long indoor and outdoor summer camps for kids of all ages and climbing levels. Our team of experienced instructors facilitate fun-filled days of toprope climbing, bouldering, climbing games, obstacle course challenges, slacklining, yoga and more.


Here’s How It Works:

1) Email, text, call or tap a friend on the shoulder and tell them to sign their kiddo up for the same week of EVO Summer Camp as your kiddo.
2) When they’re signing up online, have them answer the “Who Referred You” booking question with your name. You should also put their name in when you book online.
3) We will discount you and your friend 10%* for each week your kiddos attend together. This will happen when you pay your remaining balance on day 1 of camp.
4) Your kiddos have a fantastic time at camp 🙂

*10% OFF discount cannot be added to other camp discounts (ex. Early Bird Summer Camp Special or Spring Break Camp discount), nor can you receive more than 10% OFF per week for referring multiple friends. HOWEVER, if you refer multiple friends for the same week of camp, they will each receive up to 10% OFF.  Already signed up for camp? Refer a friend to receive 10% OFF of each full-price week of camp your friend(s) sign up for using your name in the referral booking question.


AGES 6-13
M – F // 9a – 3p
EVO Rock + Fitness has great Summer Camps planned for your kiddo. Camp days include toprope climbing, bouldering, climbing games, and general awesomeness.


AGES 6-13
M – F // 9a – 12p
EVO Half-Day Summer Camps have all the climbing fun and games of Full-Day Summer Camp but leave afternoons free to play outside with friends and family.


AGES 6-13
M – F // 9a – 3p
Want to join in on all the fun of full-week camp but are only available for a day or two? No problem! Sign up for as many drop-in days as your summer vacation schedule allows for.

NEW: Outdoor Camp

AGES 7-14
M – Th // 9a – 3p
EVO Mountain Guides are excited to give your kiddos the chance to try climbing on real rock. Spend one day honing in your climbing skills indoors and three days outside at local crags.



EVO Rock + Fitness’s Childcare room is here to provide a comfortable and engaging space for gym patron’s children to enjoy while their parents workout. Your kiddos will be well taken care of by our friendly, caring staff. We can accommodate a maximum of 6 children at a time; spots are first come, first serve.

  • 2 hour maximum per child per day
  • Child must be 6 months to 6 years
  • No peanuts
  • Parents MUST be on premises while child is in childcare
  • Parents must sign children in and out
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