Meet Our Personal Trainers

Brendan Killian

Brendan began both climbing and personal training in 2010 and has worked to combine his passions ever since. While you’ve probably seen him in the gym working with Paul Robinson, he specializes in teaching off the wall strength and conditioning to folks with full-time jobs, including those recovering from injuries.

Gina Hoag

Gina has been climbing for 30 years and has worked as a certified Personal Trainer for 29. She specializes in helping competitive and non-competitive climbers regain mobility and strength post-injury/surgery through sport-specific training and rehab.

Noelle Dewitt

Noelle began climbing in 2009, started teaching yoga in 2012, and has managed yoga studios and lead yoga and fitness training workshops since 2014 (read: we’re super lucky to have her at EVO). Now, her main focuses are teaching pre and postnatal exercise and raising her little one.

Jessica Titone

Jessica’s fitness philosophy focuses on lifelong learning. She strives to share her enthusiasm for the outdoors, encourage others to lead healthier lifestyles, and help each of her students realize what their bodies are capable of.