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    Brendan began both climbing and personal training in 2010 and has worked to combine his passions ever since. While you’ve probably seen him in the gym working with Paul Robinson, he specializes in teaching off the wall strength and conditioning to folks with full-time jobs, including those recovering from injuries.

  • Gina Hoag
    Gina Hoag

    Gina Hoag has been directly involved as an instructor and guide in the fitness, snowboarding, and outdoor climbing communities for over 25 years.

    A few months ago, she packed her car and her four-pound chihuahua and drove from Maryland to Colorado to be closer to family and the mountains. She’s enthusiastically getting to know the mountains and local crags, and especially excited to bring her teaching experience and enthusiasm to the EVO LOU.

    In addition to her work in fitness and rock climbing, Gina maintains a private psychotherapy practice.

  • Noelle Dewitt
    Noelle Dewitt Yoga + Fitness Director

    Noelle grew up in Boulder, which basically makes her a unicorn. She began climbing in 2009, started teaching yoga in 2012, and has managed yoga studios and led yoga and fitness training workshops since 2014 (read: we’re super lucky to have her at EVO). Now, Noelle’s main focus is teaching pre and postnatal exercise and raising her little one. When she’s not at EVO teaching Strong Mamas or working with instructors to cook up new classes, you’ll find her outside enjoying nature in Eldorado Springs or at a brewery with friends.


    Kaitlyn is a graduate of the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado. She incorporates her sense of curiosity, wellness, interpersonal exploration and passion for self discovery into her practice. As a Certified Rolfer™, Kaitlyn enjoys helping people explore their options for how to live an active and empowered lifestyle.

  • Jessica Titone
    Jessica Titone

    Jessica’s fitness philosophy focuses on lifelong learning. As a child, she was a gymnast, sprint runner, skier, ice skater and fished in the Alaskan Wilderness. Now, she strives to share her enthusiasm for the outdoors, encourage others to lead healthier lifestyles, and help each of her students realize what their bodies are capable of.

    Outside of Personal Training, she enjoys traveling the world with her husband, skiing, hiking, biking, and, when she is not outdoors, watching cheesy movies of all genres and catching up on the latest Real Housewives drama.

Rolfing Structural Integration

Rolfing Structural Integration was originally designed as a series of bodywork sessions to efficiently help integrate and organize the whole person into better alignment with gravity. When a person has a better relationship with gravity, movement becomes easier and more efficient. Painful patterns take a long time to solidify; they become embedded in contracted connective tissues and the nervous system can become reactive around those areas. Normally a few sessions are required to unwind old patterns and open up new possibilities for movement and being. Rolfing is generally most effective in a traditional series of 10-13 sessions that systematically addresses superficial and then deep structures within the whole body to safely relieve painful patterns. However, clients can also experience pain relief, acute injury support, or performance improvements in a shorter number of sessions. A series of three sessions is a good introduction to Rolfing’s benefits.

So how can Rolfing be of benefit to climbers and fitness enthusiasts? That relationship is a two way street. Rolfing can help free up relationships in the shoulder girdle and thorax, helping you to reach those holds with greater ease. It can also help relieve areas of congestion and strain….forearms, lats, traps, just to name a few. Climbing is also a really excellent way to incorporate the changes Rolfing offers into your body. Anchoring with your legs and reaching with your arms you evoke unity of opposition within your structure, one of the main principles of Rolfing. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts often see improvements in their balance, coordination, and performance.

The Classic 10 series is recommended for anyone who has not experienced the 10 series. Fix-it sessions will work above, below, and around an area causing issue.

Individual sessions are 90 minutes with 60-75 minutes of table time.

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