Clint DillardOwner // General Manager

Clint Dillard was born in Marietta, Georgia. He started climbing in 1990, and it changed his life forever.   Dillard loves where climbing has taken him, where he knows it will take him in the future, and says simply, “I’m who I am because of climbing.”

His love for EVO Louisville stems from the respect EVO has for the history of climbing, and the community hub the facility provides.  In the past, Dillard has spent many years as a climbing guide, a paramedic, a Physician Assistant, a mountain SAR, and is currently in a medical clinic.

He and his wife are “discovering daily adventures” with their children (two and four years old).  They are introducing their munchkins to the great outdoors of hiking, climbing, and exploring the world around them. In his spare time, Dillard is a beekeeper and would have hundreds of hives if his wife would let him. His advice to the new climber?  “Enjoy yourself.  Take a class and find a mentor.  Respect the history and ethics of the sport.  Welcome to the best sport ever.”