Dear EVO Community,

Words cannot express how much we appreciate all the support we’ve received since closing to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Thank you to everyone who has kept their memberships active, purchased from the proshop, emailed us kind words and given us a ❤️ on social media. We feel incredibly lucky to be part of such a supportive, friendly community, and we have you all, our fantastic member-base and staff, to thank for that.

Below are some frequently asked questions we’ve answered to keep the community and our members up to date with what we currently know.

Q) What is the estimated timeline for reopening? 
A) We will follow all government mandated protocols; thus at this point we must remain closed. When we do open, we intend to allow limited access in the beginning to help prevent any further transferring of the Corona Virus after the quarantine. We are also looking at various social distancing options such as: rotating routes, reserved times/days, and removing community lead ropes.

Q) What is the status of staff?
A)  We are employing as many of our staff as possible to keep the gym afloat and prepare for when the quarantine is lifted. Our primary objective is to reopen the gym as soon as it’s safe so that we can have a place for staff and patrons to come back to. We were able to pay all our hourly staff for all the hours they missed during the first week we were closed. Our leadership team is currently working remotely full time, and we plan to offer hours to additional staff members as we get closer to reopening.

Q) What will happen with my unused membership time in March?
A) Credits and refunds will be addressed when we reopen. We appreciate your understanding and promise to make good on this to our EFT and PIF members.

Q) I kept my membership active; where does my continued contribution go?
A) Thank you so much for keeping your membership active! All funds have been earmarked for costs associated with staff and operational needs during this prolonged closure. Any and all contributions received are extremely appreciated and go a long way toward ensuring EVO will be able to reopen once the quarantine is over.

Q) What is your policy on refunding deposits for summer camps and current and future after school youth programs?
A) If we are not able to run camps or programs, then we will return customers deposits.

Q) What online offerings are available now?
A) Check out our daily live-streamed Yoga and Fitness classes. Happy hours, training tips and live Q&As coming soon. You can see our full list of offerings, including special deals on climbing shoes, holds and everything you need to build a home wall, here

Q) Can I purchase EVO swag online?
A) Absolutely! Our Online Proshop is now live and offering EVO-branded merchandise, $150 10 Punch Passes and Gift Cards. More gear will be available for purchase online soon. 

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