Wellness + Bodywork

Wellness + Bodywork

EVO Wellness + Bodywork offerings help to enhance climbing performance, rehab, prevent injury, and provides relief for stress and tension.

Jen Fuller – Mindfulness Meditation

FREE Mindfulness sessions for Evo Members!

Did you know training your mind is no different than training other muscles in your body? You probably already know that having greater awareness and focus could improve your climbing… but would you believe us if we told you it could save you from overusing all the other muscles you’re working so hard to train…and still increase performance?

Whether you want to learn mindfulness to enhance your climbing, or just to manage stress, these sessions are a perfect way to start. Sessions are 1 hour and take place via zoom. They include personalized mindfulness instruction and a chat about how to apply the practice to your life (and or your climbing). (Members receive 1 free session per month! Sessions are limited, so get yours quick. Now scheduling through August 31st).

Chris Fahs – Fascial Counterstrain

Chris emphasizes a thorough and evidence based examination with his patients in order to get to the “root” of each patient’s pain or functional impairment. He has a passion for working with each of his patients and could not imagine a more rewarding profession than physical therapy.  As a specialist in body work, he has taken several manual therapy courses, is trained in trigger point dry-needling, and is currently working toward certification in his “go-to” technique called Fascial Counterstrain.

Fascia is simply connective tissue that surrounds all of our muscles, bones, internal organs, arteries, veins, and nerves and is the largest sensory organ in the body. Therefore, it is necessary to not only treat the muscle fascia (myofascia), but all the fascia of the body. This tissue can contract and spasm, since they contain special receptors that sense movement and pain.  During a Counterstrain treatment, this skilled and gentle technique turns off this reflex contraction by slackening the involved tissue which takes tension off the receptors, drains inflammation out of the area, improves motion, and decreases pain.

Jeff Giddings – Advanced Physical Therapy and Biomechanical Assessment

Climbing and Physical Therapy have been among my primary passions in life. I’ve been on the leading edge of Outpatient and Sports Physical Therapy for over 31 years. Having worked with thousands of individuals, I can help you to accurately diagnose, manage, and self treat your injury. Together, we can figure out the optimal road to recovery or we can determine if there is a need for you to see a physician or have further imaging or testing performed.

As a specialist in overuse and climbing specific injuries and rehabilitation, I have helped hundreds of climbers and other athletes return to their sport. 31 years of outpatient PT experience has given me a unique and great understanding of how to guide you through the recovery process. I emphasize one on one manual therapy and bodywork with specialization in trigger point dry needling, Wave Tool myofascial and tendon release work, and mobilization and manipulations. Home exercise prescription and guidance in appropriate home therapeutic interventions will also be an integral part of your rehabilitation plan.

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