Thinking about jumping in on one of our classes?

Sweetness, You can sign up ahead of time (fo’ FREE!*) on the calendar below for a speedier check-in at the beginning of the class.


EVO Pro Tip: Download the MINDBODY APP!

For easier Yoga + Fitness class signups 
Before you yell at us for suggesting you download yet another app onto your already full phone, hear us out: You can sign up for all EVO Yoga + Fitness classes via the MINDBODY app, which will save you time when checking in on the Yoga + Fitness iPad. But wait, there’s more: The app also allows you to book personal training sessions and view our full Yoga + Fitness class schedule on a more mobile-friendly calendar than the one below.

*All Yoga + Fitness classes FREE with Membership and day pass purchase/punch pass use.