Vinyasa Yoga Flow

All Levels

Our Vinyasa Flow classes bring you through a series of postures while learning to use your breath as an anchor; bringing balance and alignment to the body to decrease stress. Taught to an ambient tempo music background, you can expect to be invigorated during class and relaxed by savasana. These classes are for all level of Yogis.

Power Yoga Flow

Intermediate to Advanced

Our Power Yoga Flow classes are fitness based with a focus on building strength, increased stamina, flexibility and stress reduction. Perfect for people with an established practice that prefer to go through a more challenging set of poses.

Restorative Yoga

All Levels

Join us for a restorative yoga class to achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation after a busy week. Focusing on breath and moving through different poses slowly will enable you to turn inward and center your mind. Classes will use props to assist in holding poses.

Yoga Calendar

Our Yoga Calendar has our full schedule of Yoga classes that we offer weekly. Classes do not require a reservation. It is recommended that you arrive 15 minutes before the start of the class. Sign ins are in the Yoga Room. Want to keep up to date on our Yoga offerings? Our Yoga Calendar may also be integrated into a personal Google Calendar.

Meet Our Instructors

We work with experienced Yoga instructors that are dedicated to creating a welcoming and personalized experience for each person attending one of their classes. Want to know more about our instructors? We have a bio of each available with details of their practice and Yogi background.