Brion Trivers

Brion has been practicing yoga and gymnastics for over 20 years and has coached competitive gymnasts as well as competed in both gymnastics & yoga competitions.

His love of movement has led him to explore dance, martial arts & Thai massage which he is now certified in, and has been working as a therapist for the past eight years.

His love of movement has also taken him all around the world, to here—in sunny Colorado—where he is happy and helping others evolve in their own exploration of movement and health.

Brion teaches Vinyasa Yoga, Gymnastics Based Training, and Hot Alignment. See when he teaches here.

Sandra Samman

With 15 years of teaching, Sandra brings passion, experience, and knowledge to her class setting. A climber of 12 years and an ex-bike racer, she understands what it takes for athletes to reach their next level.

Sandra believes laughter is the best healer and is dedicated to helping each student delve deeper into their own body to find inner balance, peace, and strength.

Due to a back injury, working with the spine and strengthening the core is Sandra’s specialty. She is certified in a method of core yoga and pilates and developed her own class which is a mix of yoga, pilates, and functional training.

Sandra teaches Core Classes and Vinyasa Yoga. See when she’s teaches here.

Alan Titone

Alan began practicing yoga in 2013, as a way to invest in himself. Through yoga, Alan has discovered new ways to manage stress, heal his injuries and become more embodied.

He specializes in All-Levels and Advanced Yoga Flow. He teaches a mix of Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow (Alan calls it Ashtanga Improv).  With the use of mudras, pranayama (breath control), meditation and asana, he aims to help students advance their yoga practice both physically and mentally.

Off of the mat, he is an entrepreneur, Veteran of the U.S. Army, triathlete, avid reader, student and teacher of yoga.

Alan teaches Vinyasa Yoga. See when he teaches here.

Uxia Ellerby

In 2012 Uxia gave up her work in the fashion world and dedicated herself completely to the study of yoga, and transformed her life. Since then, she has traveled the world exploring spiritual traditions, completed more than one yoga teacher training, numerous teacher enrichments, and has studied in-depth in full-time residential programs with yoga masters in India, Canada, Mexico and Spain.

Uxia believes in the importance of fostering a sensitive relationship to one’s own body, and strength through balance and leverage.

Uxia just had a beautiful baby girl, so be sure to ask her all about how cute she is. Congratulations, Uxia!

Uxia teaches Vinyasa Yoga. See when she teaches here. 

Jen Fuller

Jen is a registered yoga instructor, psychotherapist, and mindfulness instructor. She brings to her classes infinite curiosity about what it means to be human, what hinders us from fully thriving in our time here on this planet, and how we come to live embodied, present lives.

Jen believes the body is a wise and unwavering source of information and she’s passionate about using yoga to support you to slow down and connect with the physical, emotional, and spiritual messages calling to be heard. Her classes create a safe, sacred space from which you can release the chatter in your mind and deepen your understanding of your felt-sense experience.

Jen teaches Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga. See when she teaches here. 

Bre Allison

As a former college and international water polo player, Breana was no stranger to body awareness and the power of the mind—however, her awareness took a different form when she discovered yoga in 2007.

Yoga helps her shift away from her competitive tendencies and stay in a place of constant self-discovery through her ever evolving practice.

Breana’s classes emphasize alignment, longer-holding postures, and creativity. Bre draws inspiration from surfing, trail running, climbing, and backpacking. She encourages you to honor where you are in the moment and try to have fun.

Bre teaches all forms of yoga. See when she teaches here.

Cynthia Sing

Yoga instructor

An avid rock climber, traveller, dog lover and mother to a precocious toddler, Cynthia finds balance through her practice and teaching. After spending 10 years abroad in Asia and 2 years in her hometown of San Francisco, she now calls Boulder home, bringing with her a warm and inviting approach and a genuine desire to share the benefits of yoga with the community.

Two values that guide her both on and off the mat are inclusiveness and empathy. In class, she strives to guide students to find a practice that meets them where they are, yet encourages them to find a point of challenge and discomfort. 

Cynthia teaches Alignment Yoga. See when she teaches here.