Youth Programs

Gibbons (2-5yrs)

Youth Programs

Bring in your tots to discover the fun-filled basics of kids’ climbing with the instruction of our friendly staff! Our staff create a comfortable and secure atmosphere as kids explore all areas inside of EVO. Focus is on helping your little one increase and recognize coordination, social skills, strength and confidence. Parents are welcome.

Geckos (6-8yrs)

Youth Programs

This program will introduce your child to the fundamentals of rock climbing through instruction balanced with climbing related games and activities, including introducing participants to bouldering, roped climbing and roped systems while establishing a foundation of basic climbing skills. Our supportive instructors will help your child reach their goals.

Gremlins (9-10yrs)

Youth Programs

This program will introduce and build upon roped climbing and bouldering skills specific to your child’s experience. Our coaches will focus on mastering age appropriate skill sets and help your child reach their goals and build a lifelong love of the sport through an understanding and appreciation of climbing movement and the climbing community.

Mtn Goats (11yrs+)

Youth Programs

This is a perfect program for kids interested in getting into the sport or continuing to grow as a climber in a non-competitive environment. Climbers will have the opportunity to continue building on their physical and mental skill sets while mastering the fundamentals of roped systems, including knot tying and belaying.


Kids Fun Days are a great way for your kids to spend their days off from school. Kids enjoy climbing while having fun with their friends in a new, challenging environment. Our experienced instructors teach the basics of bouldering and toproping and facilitate fun climbing games.

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