Streaming Yoga + Fitness Classes

Streaming Yoga + Fitness Classes

Thank you so much to everyone who has been tuning in – near or far we can connect and practice together!

All yoga classes are 100% donation based, please connect with your instructor for Venmo/PayPal details.

1. Click on the Zoom link to the class you would like to attend and make sure to sign up for Zoom first. This is free for you to join.
3. You will then be connected to the meeting.
4. If you haven’t used Zoom from your device before, allow yourself an extra 5-10 minutes prior to “class” to get anything downloaded or set up. (Don’t stress if you tune in late! Please join when you can even if it’s for the last 15 minutes!)
5. Instructors will mute everyone during class to avoid any extra sounds coming through. You can always un-mute if you need to ask a question.
6. Feel free to play your own music… just please keep your mic muted. =)

If you have some blocks, perfect! If you don’t, that’s okay! Try to get creative with things around the house, just to allow yourself to lift and lengthen through postures and transitions. If you really can’t find anything, we’ll make it work, no stress. Things that could work are a stack of books or some cans.

First and foremost, if you’ve lost your income or it’s limited/things are tight, PLEASE do not let this stop you from practicing. We need our practice and connection with each other more than ever, do not worry about donating anything. If you are in a position to donate, please do sign up for a membership and OPT-IN

This is the practice we are all most familiar with. An alignment based practice with breath to movement as we flow from pose to pose. Promotes overall strength and flexibility.

Feeling tight after all this yoga? Us too! Holding stretch like poses for 3-5 minutes. Working on breathing and full relaxation.

Date + Time Format Instructor Handle
Wednesdays 7:15a-7:45a Vinyasa Flow Alex Hitchcox Zoom Link
Tuesdays and Thursdays 12p-1p Vinyasa Flow Kristine Keegan Zoom Link
Wednesday 5:45p-6:15p Flow + Yoga Mobility Jamie Navarro Zoom Link
Date + Time Format Instructor Handle
Wednesdays 5:30p-5:45p Send it Sister Stretch Session Leah Heyman Zoom Link
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