Tai GrosjeanAssistant Manager, Head Instructor, Dad Jokes Extraordinaire

Tai is a recent transplant from Southern New England, joining us from the CT/NY border near New York City. He got his start in the world famous “Gunks”, absolutely loves climbing, and feels extremely fortunate to be able to work in the industry full time. Tai is also an experienced instructor and guide for both indoor and outdoor climbing, as well as many other outdoor activities – he’s an AMGA-certified SPI and CWI/P, as well as an ACA-certified Instructor and IT. Lastly, he’s also passed the infamous Registered Maine Guide exam, and looks forward to not having to take it again.


Tai’s recommendation for new climbers? That’s easy: it doesn’t matter how hard you climb, or how high you go. What truly matters, is how you feel when you climb. The best climber really is the one having the most fun.

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