Mykel’s Yoga Web Classes

Mykel’s Yoga Web Classes

Thank you so much to everyone who has been tuning in these last few days. I appreciate seeing your faces more than you can imagine! Providing a yoga practice gives me so much love and appreciation. Fulfillment. To share this with all of you near and far in this crazy and unknown time we are experiencing right now, shows how strong we all are when we can move and breathe together.

I will continue to provide classes on a donation basis. If you are able to donate, you may Venmo me. My handle is @Mmsalerno87.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me with your donations.

1. Go to: and select “Join a Meeting.” This is free for you to join.
2. Meeting ID: 209 955 1371
3. You will then be connected to the meeting with my smiling face. Badabing, Badaboom!
4. If you haven’t used Zoom from your device before, allow yourself an extra 5-10 minutes prior to “class” to get anything downloaded or set up. (Don’t stress if you tune in late! Please join when you can even if it’s for the last 15 minutes!)
5. I will mute everyone during class to avoid any extra sounds coming through. You can always un-mute if you need to.
6. Feel free to play your own music.

Vinyasa Flow:
This is the practice we are all most familiar with. An alignment based practice with breath to movement as we flow from pose to pose. Promotes overall strength and flexibility. I provide pose modifications and prop options.

Slow Flow/Gentle Yoga:
A great balance between Vinyasa and Yin yoga. An alignment based practice with breath to movement. In this practice we will spend more time refining alignment and building a stronger foundation. Trust me, this class is worth your time.

Yin Yoga:
Feeling tight after all this yoga? Me too! Holding stretch like poses for 3-5 minutes. Working on breathing and full relaxation.

I’ve added a variety of classes this week because, you know, options.
*Class times are based on Mountain Standard time*

Monday 3/23:
6:30am Vinyasa

Tuesday 3/24:
6:30am Slow Flow/Gentle Yoga
9:30am Vinyasa
7:00pm Yin
Wednesday 3/25:
6:30am Vinyasa
12:00pm Slow Flow/Gentle Yoga
Thursday 3/26:
6:30am Slow Flow/Gentle Yoga
9:30am Vinyasa
7:00pm Yin
Friday 3/27:
6:30am Vinyasa
Saturday 3/28:
Homegirl is going to take a break, NO classes =)
Sunday 3/29:
9:30am Vinyasa (75min. 9:30am – 10:45am)
7:00pm Yin

Ah! I really do LOVE using so many props! But, I know that we may not have all of these things available at home, and some of us just prefer not to use any. Thats ok too! It’s always your choice. If you don’t have:

  • Blocks: Anything small and sturdy. Book, soup can, foam roller.
  • Bolster: Pillow is the next closest thing, a rolled blanket, couch cushion (might be way too big, but you get the point, soft and comfy)
  • Blanket: It doesn’t need to be a fancy yoga blanket. Any blanket can work.
  • Strap: I don’t use often. A belt or a scarf.

Please feel free to share our class schedule with anyone who may be interested (they don’t need to live in Colorado, or the U.S. for that matter). Email or text if you have any questions, comments, concerns. I am all ears, and now on my phone quadruple the time I’ve ever been, so I’ll most likely respond quickly.

Thank you again, everyone! I love you all!

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