// 9 Reasons to Hit the Gym this Summer

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1. Stay strong for your outdoor projects

Afterwork Eldo session are awesome — we sneak them in too — but it’s hard to maintain strength when you’re only getting in a few pitches before dark compared to the 15 indoor routes you cranked out every evening this winter. A few short maintenance gym sessions each week will keep you feeling sharp and strong for your outdoor projects without sapping your send energy.

2. Shirtless climbing season

#getshredded – whether you plan to pop top this summer or not.

3. Burn off those post-send beers

(Or post-send ice cream) for, you guessed it, more sending. Gym session are also a great way to burn off backyard barbecues, farmers’ market snacks and treats from your favorite local bakery.

4. We have AC

And fans. Lots and lots of fans.

5. Prep for Sendtember

The long days of summer are fantastic for outdoor mileage, but the heat can make sending tough. Keep training through the summer, and you’ll crush once the weather becomes cool and crisp this fall.

6. Afternoon thunderstorms…

Are unfortunately a Colorado summer staple. Don’t worry, our problems stay nice and dry.

7. You don’t have to wear sunscreen or bug spray in the gym

Which is a plus, because they both usually smell weird and feel funky. Pro tip: Use the spray stuff when climbing outside to avoid greasing up your hands. 

8. Restorative yoga

And all of the other maintenance exercises (push-ups, push-ups, push-ups) you can do inside to keep your muscle groups balanced, shoulders open and body recovering quickly between sessions to help prevent injuries outside.

9. EVO Cookies

Fact 1: Your body needs carbs to refuel after a hard a workout.
Fact 2: EVO cookies contain carbs.
Fact 3: EVO cookies are also delicious, come in single portion sizes and are found at the front desk.

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