7 Reasons Why Your Kid Should Climb

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Blogger and parent Rory Moulton’s article “Why Climbing is the Perfect Activity for Your Kids,” highlights various benefits of climbing as a sport and lifestyle for your tiny humans.  Here are his main points:

  1. Kids learn to think for themselves through critical problem-solving and decision-making skills.
  2. Exiting the comfort zone = boost of bravery.  “Overcoming fear is a life skill integral to success.”
  3. Climbing supports healthy living.  Not only is the community comprised of health-oriented members of society, but once climbing takes hold, your kids just want to BE healthy.
  4. One word: Adventure. The benefits of rock climbing as an adventurous activity imparts a unique set of skills that range from map reading to knots to outdoor education.
  5. Invaluable lessons of discipline and focus.  “There’s no multitasking or messing around.”  Your kids probably won’t learn this kind of focus or dedication chasing Pokemon. (Not to hate on Pikachu.)
  6. Affordability and relatively low-risk.  The author describes the longevity of gear and the risk analysis compared to other sports.
  7. Your kid is connected to “Ma Nature,”  which offers an important dose of humility.

So there you have it! The full article is worth the read, and so is checking out EVO’s Open Houses for parents and/or teachers.  Check out EVO Portland’s schedule, EVO Indy’s schedule, or EVO Concord’s for dates and times.

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