on “Why We Climb” presented: 100 Reasons Why We Climb, and it’s pretty friggin hilarious.  Among our favorites (we added our own photos): 

  • Beanie just looks better while bouldering 

Nick Foster EVO Rock + FitnessSteve EVO Rock + Fitness

  • Makes pizza taste better

Jess of EVO Rock + Fitness


  • Get weird rush when holding friends’ lives in hands

Steve Barry EVO Rock + Fitness

  • Curious if doorframe could support my weight 

  • Love reminding friends to breathe


  • Tired of being defeated by jars

  • Makes living in a car cool, not sad

Van Life at EVO Rock + Fitness

  • Can’t get enough failure 

EVO Rock + Fitness

  • Think the word Ballnuts is hilarious 


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