SBC 2024 Results

All Aboard the Struggle Bus!

April 27th, 2024

Inviting climbers of ALL experience levels to our annual Struggle Bus Competition!
Get psyched for another year of fun boulders, awesome prizes, local food, and stellar community.

This year’s Struggle Bus will feature CASH Prizes for Open finals and gear/merch prizes for the Classic and Youth competitions.

Registration will close Friday, April 26th at 11:59pm

Walk-in registration for an additional fee if space is still available

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a climbing competition work?

Struggle Bus is structured as a redpoint bouldering competition, which means it’s just a big session in which you keep track of the problems you send. Your top 5 sends count towards your ranking, but you are encouraged to climb as much as you want or can. Imagine a busy day at the gym with a brand new boulder set, with even more psych and energy – plus local food and beer for sale! Note: as always, you cannot drink and climb😀

Will everyone be staring at me?

Not necessarily! Unless you are competing in the Open finals round, you will never be the only climber on the wall or the sole focus of the gym. Again, it’s pretty much just a big session with your friends where everyone is really, really, psyched.

What's the difference between the Classic and Open rounds?

Good question. There will be three separate sessions earlier in the day: the ‘Classic’ round, the Youth round, and the ‘Open’ round. Classic is appropriate for adult climbers in the V0-V8 range of ability, Open is appropriate for adult climbers in the V8+ range of ability, Youth is for all climbers under 14 years old. In the evening after those initial three sessions are completed, there will be a Finals round to determine the winner of the Open round. This is guaranteed to be an exciting show and if you are not climbing in it, you are encouraged to watch and cheer. Remember – beer and food!!!

How is it scored?

In the Classic and Youth rounds, everyone will be issued a scorecard that looks a bit like a climbing log where all the climbs are listed, to carry around during their session. When you complete a climb, one of your friends (or anyone who can verify that you sent) will initial next to the correlating climb on your sheet. Once all the scorecards have been submitted everyone will be sorted as beginner, intermediate, and advanced climbers. Climbers denote on their scorecards whether they are competing in the Men’s (inclusive), Women’s (inclusive), or Non-Gendered category. There will also be a separate Youth category for climbers ages 7-15. You simply do your thing, enjoy the boulders, track your sends, and submit your card.

The Open round will be run as a modified redpoint competition, which simply means Men and Women will have a limited and specific set of boulders to attempt.

I don’t feel very confident in my climbing abilities… should I even bother?

Yes, you should!!! The purpose of this comp is to gather as a community and have as much fun as possible. No matter how hard you climb if you like bouldering, humans, and good times – this event is for you. Plus there will be prizes for all categories so you could even walk away with some sweet swag.

Will we be climbing the same boulder problems that happen to be on the wall that week?

Nope! Chuck (Head Route Setter) and the gang are going to work very hard the week leading up to the comp setting all new boulders throughout the entire bouldering area in a wide range of difficulty. 100% of the problems in the comp will be brand new and never climbed (except by the setters) until the day of the comp. This does mean that the bouldering area will be closed for the week leading up to the comp, but we promise it will be well worth the wait.

What are these prizes you speak of? Can I haz one?

Maybe! There will be a cash prize for the Open category winners, as well as sponsored prize packages for each of the male/female/non-gendered top performers. Some of this year’s sponsors include Black Diamond, Sterling, La Sportiva, Organic, Friction Labs, and more!

Do I need to register? If so, how much is a bus ticket?

Sure do, Bub. EVO members ride for $45, non-members for $55. The price goes up if you register the day of so make sure to pre-order your tickets here!

This sounds freakin’ awesome, I’m gonna tell all my friends and come through rolling deep.

Sweet! We can’t wait to see you there – and all your friends, too!!

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