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Management Team

  • Trevor Bostic
    Trevor Bostic General Manager, Route Setter, Groups Coordinator, School League Coordinator, Gym Mom


    Trevor grew up bouncing around the U.S. but finally settled in Maine, where he discovered his love for climbing at Maine Rock Gym. He was instantly hooked, and his love for the sport only grew while attending college in Boston. It’s now been 10 years and Trevor’s climbing has taken him all over the world, introduced him to some of the best people, and supplied him with memories to last a lifetime. His favorite thing about climbing is seeing people push their limits both physically and mentally. Trevor is always looking to share his passion for climbing with others! If you see him around the gym, don’t hesitate to ask questions or even just talk beta.

    “No matter if you are just starting or a bona fide crusher, try hard respects try hard. Join me in the bouldering area, on the yoga mat, or outside and lets push our limits together!”

  • Chuck Curry
    Chuck Curry Head Route Setter, Head Coach, Forever Psyched


    Chuck originally hails from the great state of New York but has chosen to make his home here in Maine.

    A devoted husband and proud father of two, Chuck has been immersed in many aspects of climbing for 16 years. From trad to sport, bouldering to plastic, guiding to coaching: he’s had a hand in it. Here at EVO, you can find Chuck organizing the setting or coaching TEAM EVO and our Adult Team Programs. Route setting has been a cornerstone of Chuck’s skill set for many years. However, he still strives to grow and evolve every time he picks up his drill.

    If you have questions and you see Chuck in the gym, grab him! He generally  keeps to himself, but loves answering your questions about climbing or anything else for that matter. “I want to do whatever I can to get people hooked on climbing. I know how it feels to unlock certain parts of the sport. But it doesn’t happen overnight, you have to fight for it. It doesn’t matter how long you have been climbing, you still get those feelings. I want to help flip the switch and see the light come on, to instill something in someone that they can take with them always, no matter where life takes them. Welcome to climbing!”

  • Samantha Harrison Assistant Manager, Youth Programs Coordinator, Marketing


    Sam grew up in Western Massachusetts, before going to school for education and working at outdoor schools for five years until starting her career in the rock climbing industry. Prior to working at EVO, she worked at Pacific Edge Climbing Gym in Santa Cruz, CA where she had been a regular member. She grew up climbing at her summer camp and on any other rock walls that she happened upon.

    Apart from climbing, she also enjoys dancing, traveling, making music with friends, trivia, thrift shopping, playing Zelda, and pretty much all outdoor activities and sports. If she’s working at the desk, feel free to talk to her about any of those things! She also loves Hamilton, french fries, Harry Potter, and anything that is chocolate and peanut butter combined.


  • Jamie Navarro Yoga Coordinator, Yoga Instructor


    Jamie first made her way onto a yoga mat in 2005 after swimming-related shoulder surgeries left her without this meditative outlet. Having never considered yoga before, she was amazed, humbled, and instantly hooked.

    Jamie started her yoga teacher training journey in 2011 with one of the first yoga studios in DC, Tranquil Space (which later became a part of YogaWorks). She then taught in DC and Northern Virginia before coming back home to Southern Maine in 2019.

    Jamie gravitated toward the Roll Model® Method to help her chronic low back tension and aid in her recovery as she attempted to start a running routine. She enjoys sharing her approach to mobility and myofascial release with others to help their bodies move through this world with a little more ease.

    Jamie lives with her spouse, two kiddos, a very cat-like beagle, and a never-enough collection of plants. During her free time (ha!), she gravitates toward climbing, floating, and enjoying all that living in Maine has to offer.

    Rolling & Mobility

  • Conner Lydick
    Conner Lydick Front Desk, Instructor, Groups + School League Coordinator


    Conner grew up in the Greater Portland area, exploring various hobbies and interests to find what best suited him. It wasn’t until he first came to EVO in 2017 that Conner discovered rock climbing, and he was sure that he finally found the sport for him. Since then, Conner has been eager to learn all there is to know about climbing, as well as the surrounding industry, with aspirations to someday own his own climbing gym. The climbing gym was one of the first places that Conner truly felt at home, and he tries his best to give everyone that walks through the doors at EVO that same welcoming feeling that made him fall in love with climbing in the first place. 

    Conner loves to socialize with the community, but admittedly struggles with names. Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation about beta on your project, your various outdoor adventures, your all time favorite video game, or any other topic that suits your fancy! He’d love to hear from each and every one of you!

  • Amanda Cavanaugh
    Amanda Cavanaugh Aerial Silks Coordinator, Aerial Silks Instructor


    Amanda fell in love with aerial arts after taking a 6-week intro course on a whim in 2015 in Charlotte, North Carolina. From the moment she touched the fabric, she knew she was hooked. Since then, Amanda has practiced and performed on a variety of apparatuses – aerial silks, sling, static trapeze, and lyra – but her true love will always be split fabric silks. Amanda loves puzzles and theory, so you can expect to spend some time in class with her learning about wrap theory, inclusive pathways, and how to progress safely from the ground to the air.

    When she’s not in the air, you’ll likely find Amanda at Willard or Higgins Beach with her two dogs, Willa and Murphy.

    Intro to Aerial Silks Teaser
    Aerial Silks Level 1
    Aerial Silks Level 2
    Aerial Silks Individual Practice

  • Matthew Hakucho
    Matthew Hakucho Front Desk, Instructor, Marketing


    Matthew grew up on the central coast of California in the city of Santa Cruz just south of San Francisco. He started climbing at Pacific Edge Climbing Gym in 2014 and has not stopped since. Living so near Yosemite, Matthew developed a fondness for trad climbing, especially finger cracks, but also techy slab and stem climbs. If you ever want to talk about anything crack climbing related come find him behind the desk or on the ropes. Matthew rarely ventures into the bouldering area.

    Currently, Matthew is a student at USM majoring in mechanical engineering and minoring in ecology with hopes to pair the two degrees in a career in restoration or biomimicry design. When not climbing or studying Matthew enjoys road biking, hiking and camping, but most of all bird watching, a hobby which actually pairs very well with climbing.

  • Amelia Klos
    Amelia Klos Front Desk, Instructor, Facilities Coordinator


    Born and raised in Michigan, Amelia was ushered onto the climbing scene in 2012 while living in Cleveland, Ohio, of all places.  Working as an architect at the time, she became a dedicated member of Cleveland Rock Gym and an avid weekend warrior cutting her teeth on the sandstone cliffs of the New River Gorge, WV and the Red River Gorge, KY.

    A destination climbing trip to Acadia National Park brought Amelia to Maine for the very first time in 2016.  Before she even reached the park, Maine had captured her heart and she decided that somehow, someday, she would make it her home.

    Upon moving to Portland, Amelia joined the Send-It-Sister stretch circle and was immediately drawn to the EVO community.  She loves welcoming others into the world of climbing as others have welcomed her.  When she’s not at the gym, Amelia can be found outside running, hiking, spending time in the woods, jumping in the ocean, or dancing in the front row of a concert.  She’d love to hear about your favorite local band or your latest human-powered outdoor adventure.

  • Dori Beane
    Dori Beane Front Desk, Youth Programs


    Dori grew up in the greater Portland area and spent most of their early life buried in books. They only discovered their love for climbing somewhat recently, but make up for a lack of experience with enthusiasm and a positive attitude! Dori loves to learn from the community and will happily strike up a conversation with anybody willing to have a chat about climbing. Outside of climbing, they are an avid D&D player and proud dog parent.

  • Aaron Ziller
    Aaron Ziller Team Coach, Route Setter


    Aaron grew up in Portland, just down the road from EVO. He started climbing in 2017, at age 14, and was instantly hooked. Five years later,  Aaron remains obsessed with climbing–indoors and outside. He began competing in the USAC Youth Series early on, and has competed at the Regional, Divisional, and National levels. Now in his final year as a youth competitor, Aaron is psyched to coach and give back what he can to the sport. Aaron says that “Coaching and setting help me give other young climbers opportunities to grow their love for the sport. It’s amazing to watch them achieve their climbing goals, which then translate to life outside of the gym.” You might also run into Aaron at various thrift stores around Maine, enjoying one of his other favorite activities: hunting for good vintage. As the only extrovert in his family, Aaron enjoys meeting new people, giving out beta, cheering fellow climbers up the wall, and discussing your current project!

  • Taylor Cray
    Taylor Cray Front Desk, Instructor, Youth Programs


    Born and raised in central Maine, Taylor has been fortunate to be outside and active for the majority of her life. After spending many years deeply dedicated to distance running and Nordic skiing, Taylor first found climbing when she ventured into the MaineBound Adventure Center at the University of Maine. Since then, climbing has been a consistent form of movement, challenge, and joy in her life.

    “Climbing quickly became something that felt like second nature to me. The combination of strength, endurance, and fluidity that is required by climbing always keeps me engaged and excited. I appreciate the combined mental and physical challenge of working through projects and learning new skills. When I am feeling strong and confident on the wall, some of the movement feels a lot like dancing.”

    Outside of EVO, Taylor works at Preble Street as the Advocacy Supervisor, and can often be found at city council meetings, the State House, or out and about in the community. While only behind the EVO front desk on Thursday evenings, Taylor is often somewhere in the gym most nights of the week! If you see her in there, feel free to say hey and chat about your project! You can always ask her about her favorite books, her opinion on the best approach to gluten-free baking, and whether or not she’s done today’s Wordle.

  • Wilder Deniord
    Wilder Deniord Youth Programs, Birthday Parties


    Wilder was born in Portland, Maine. He started rainy day climbing when he was five. But only started climbing consistently just after he turned 13. He is a member of Team EVO and competes throughout New England. He also enjoys snowboarding in the winter and wakeboarding in the summer at his family’s lake house in Vermont. He is proud to say that he logged the second highest number of check-ins at EVO (188) in 2023 and hopes to keep the pace in 2024. As soon as Wilder turned 14, he got his job at EVO and loves teaching little kids how to climb!

  • Rachel Packard
    Rachel Packard Front Desk, Instructor


    Rachel was born and raised in Maine and has always loved the great outdoors. From skiing to climbing to hiking, they love being out in nature. 

    They discovered climbing in 2021 at EVO and never looked back. Rachel’s love for climbing has only grown since then. Wanting to learn everything there is to know about climbing, she took to Youtube and under the mentorship of her friend Sara, learned to climb outside. 

    For her, climbing is more than just an individual experience. It’s about the people. Having been welcomed with open arms by the EVO community, she hopes to carry on that feeling to new climbers. Rachel started regularly attending Rainbow-Up climbing nights and now helps to lead this group. She believes that fostering a welcoming space for both new and experienced LGBTQ+ climbers leads to a more inclusive and flourishing community. 

    Outside of climbing, Rachel is a nursing student who loves animals, specifically cats and dogs. She currently has two cats and a dog and loves talking to climbers about their pets. If you see her in the gym, show her a picture of your pet!

  • Chris Kelleher
    Chris Kelleher Instructor, Front Desk, Best Human Award


    Chris Kelleher moved to Portland in 2014, where he discovered climbing.  Kelleher loves the peace, serenity, and challenges climbing brings to his life.  When he’s not working at the gym, he’s dedicating time to a local nonprofit called Boys to Men; not to be confused with the 90’s boy band.  He also works for Family Crisis Services, based in Portland, and was covering someone’s shift during this interview so a fellow coworker could go climbing.  He’s just that kinda guy.

    Random fact: He spent the night camping in the second coldest temps ever recorded in New Hampshire and now his fingers don’t feel the same.

    His advice to the new climber?  “Don’t be discouraged by the pain you feel in your body. Stick with it. Ask questions. Come hang out at the gym.”


  • Scott Howard
    Scott Howard Managing Partner

    Scott Howard was part of the urchin diving industry when he recognized the necessity for a climbing gym in Portland, Maine.  According to Howard, many urchin divers were climbers, but had to travel far to reach a facility.  He put his heart, soul, and bank account into creating the Maine Rock Gym (MRG), which came to fruition in September 1994.  Howard credits the tenacity of Mainers to the completion of the MRG.  However, as the community grew, he realized an even bigger and better facility was needed.  He teamed up with Hilary Harris, Mike Lambert, and Keith Morris—momentum grew.

    In 2015 EVO Rock + Fitness opened and there was much rejoicing.  Howard’s vision for EVO revolves around what the climbing community needs to move upward and stay strong.  In addition to helping manage the EVO squad, he runs a commercial greenhouse called Olivia’s Garden, and is also a fly fishing guide.  In his spare time, he enjoys skiing, mountain biking, being with his 3 kids, and eating bok choy.



  • Hilary Harris
    Hilary Harris Founder, Partner

    Hilary Harris is both a long-time climber and licensed architect. Her climbing career started in Boulder, CO in the late 80’s. Gaining rapid recognition and success, Harris was one of a handful of women pioneers in the country, raising the bar on female standards in the sport.  Harris has been coaching for more than 20 years and has coached youth to the World Cup level. She has also climbed and trained extensively throughout the US and Europe with the world’s top climbers. When she is not busy working on business relations you can often find her at one of the great crags in New England, hiking or sea kayaking the coast of Maine.

    Harris oversees the communications, marketing and outreach of the EVO gyms.  She works on future climbing gym start-ups and oversees the corporate relations of the business; all the while striving to live by these words written by David Henry Thoreau: “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.”

  • Michael Lambert
    Michael Lambert Partner

    Michael Lambert grew up sailing in Rhode Island but fell for climbing in 1995 when he moved to Arizona, where he obtained his B.A. in Adventure Education from Prescott College.  When he graduated in 1999, climbing had become a pivotal part of his life. Despite some extensive globetrotting, Shagg Crag in Maine and Cathedral Ledge in New Hampshire remain two of Michael’s favorite spots.  However, he says it’s the people, even more than the locations, that make climbing truly special; hence his excitement about joining the EVO team.  His stoke thrives on Maine’s climbing community and anyone who’s looking to throw on a pair of shoes.

    Michael’s diverse experience as a sailing instructor, boat builder, sail-maker, arborist and small business-owner are invaluable; he’ll jump into anything from SketchUp architectural redesigns to building campus boards to playing Tetris with flooring.  Michael’s high standards ensure that he will help EVO Portland continually grow as the sport of climbing flourishes, pushing standards in both the facility and the programming.

  • Cort Gariepy
    Cort Gariepy Partner, Wall Designer and Builder

    Cort Gariepy is a man of many talents and trades, whose work is all over EVO Rock + Fitness. From the front desk we check into, to the walls we climb on, and the chairs we sit in, Gariepy’s welding hand has touched everything. After designing and building the walls, he used the extra steel to make recycled-rope benches and arm chairs. He built the retail area, (with a pretty sweet LED back-lit display), and introduced Hilary Harris to Scott Howard, which pretty much got the whole EVO Portland ball rollin’.

    Gariepy loves the EVO family, and says it’s a segment of the greater climbing community that seems to have a “very warm soul.” He loves the energy of climbers, and how they’re such an assorted mix; all “bound together,” yet going in their own diversified directions. Gariepy says he hasn’t grown up yet, but in the meantime, you might find him at his house in Hawaii. His recommendation for the new climber?  “Watch YouTube climbing videos for lingo.”

  • Keith Morris
    Keith Morris Partner, Portable Wall Coordinator

    Keith Morris was born and raised in England but moved to Maine in 2004 to be closer to his family. His daughter was here in Portland, having married Scott Howard, who (at the time) was founder and owner of Maine Rock Gym (MRG).  Morris bought half of MRG and became involved with the rock climbing community. He was thrilled when MRG and EVO Rock + Fitness combined forces, saying the best parts of MRG came to EVO. He enjoys every moment of the mixed environment at the facility. “Where else can you find rock climbing and tango?” Morris asks.

    As a dedicated grandparent, he especially loves the opportunity kids have at EVO, and how climbing is a passion they can pursue for many years—not to mention the portable climbing wall—Morris loves the portable climbing wall! He also enjoys Bradbury State Park, Great Wolf Lodge, peanuts, (but really hates peanut butter).  His advice to the new climber?  “Take classes to minimize risk, and learn from those with experience.”


EVO is always excited to bring new people to our team. We are a visionary company that believes our evolution hinges on having the best staff possible: upbeat, professional humans who have fun, climb, and check their egos at the door. We are seeking staff that is self-motivated, organized and want to be a part of the larger community of climbing and fitness. If there is not a posted position that you are currently interested in, please submit your application, and we will keep it on file for when an opening becomes available.



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