High School League

EVO High School League is an opportunity for you and your classmates to hang together, train together and crush together at a special discounted rate. Never been to a climbing gym before? That’s okay! The relaxed format of our School League program caters perfectly to young climbers of all skill levels, including first-timers! 

School League teams are usually formed based on the school you attend, and each team is allotted weekly gym time to practice together. Each season is 4 months long, and there will be an opportunity each season for all School League participants to come together for a friendly climbing competition hosted by EVO.

The School League membership entitles you to almost all of our normal benefits.

– Unlimited gym access during open hours

– 10% discount on gear in our store

– Free registration for Learn the Ropes (Belaying) class

– Free yoga classes


$250 per 4-month season

$300 w/ Rental Gear Add-on

(Dues are prorated based on the week joined. Flexible payment options available)

Contact our High School League Coordinator for more information.

High School League
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