Chris KelleherInstructor, Front Desk

    Chris Kelleher moved to Portland in 2014, where he discovered climbing.  Kelleher loves the peace, serenity, and challenges climbing brings to his life.  When he’s not working at the gym, he’s dedicating time to a local nonprofit called Boys to Men; not to be confused with the 90’s boy band.  He also works for Family Crisis Services, based in Portland, and was covering someone’s shift during this interview so a fellow coworker could go climbing.  He’s just that kinda guy.

    Random fact:  he spent the night camping in the second coldest temps ever recorded in New Hampshire and now his fingers don’t feel the same.


    His advice to the new climber?  “Don’t be discouraged by the pain you feel in your body. Stick with it. Ask questions. Come hang out at the gym.”