Climbing Classes


Intro to Climbing – Beginners (14yrs+)

Our Intro to Climbing class will help you learn the basic skills you need to climb on a rope. You will learn the climbing basics: grading systems, beginning technique, how to fit a harness properly, how to tie in, and how to belay. To learn how to belay, you will need a partner, so it may be a fun experience to share with a friend or family member. Our instruction will provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to pass a belay test, after which you will be free to climb for as long as you’d like.

Photo by Katie Johnson

Lead Climbing Course – Advanced

//Due to COVID-19 we are running lead classes by appointment only , send us an e-mail at  and we will find an instructor available for the times that can suit your schedule.//

This course consists of two 3-hour sessions on Wednesdays from 6-9pm over a two week period. Lead climbing topics include risk awareness, use of equipment, clipping technique, belay technique, avoiding common mistakes, outdoors vs. indoors, and Leave No Trace principles.
Free climbing for the remainder of the day.

Adult Programs

Photo by Gage Klein

Adult Team Training Program

//Due to COVID-19 we are running Adult Team at limited capacity of 10 climbers beginning March 7th. Give us a call or sign up in person!//

Ready to adopt a climbing regimen targeting serious performance improvement? Adult Team is an ongoing training program that you can add-on to your monthly membership. Tailored to your specific needs and goals, this program is designed to help you engage in personal evolution, whatever that may look like for you.
We start right as the gym closes to the public on Sunday nights – no more waiting in lines to try your project!

Taught by Chuck Curry 

Photo by Gage Klein

Women Crush Wednesday

Calling all lady crushers! Every Wednesday night from 5-10pm, women climb for a discounted day pass and rental price! We also offer a free Intro to Climbing belay class to get you started with the purchase of your day pass. Whether it’s your first time climbing or you’re a seasoned pro – Women Crush Wednesday is a great way to learn and build community in a fun and inclusive environment.

Photo by Breanna Penney


Photo by Michael G. Seamans

Gym-to-Crag Program

//Due to COVID-19 we are not running our Gym-to-Crag Program.//

For people who started climbing in a gym but are interested in learning the skills and etiquette required to climb outside, the transition can feel slow, treacherous, and difficult to navigate.

We help climbers make that transition through a series of hands-on clinics in our facility, known as the Gym-to-Crag Program.

Clinics are $20 per session and are taught by our in-house AMGA certified professional climbing guide, Ryan Howes.

*Day pass not included in the cost of the class.


Private Instruction

There is no better way to improve one’s climbing ability than working one-on-one with an experienced climbing coach. Whether you want just to come in for a single session performance diagnosis, or would like to enroll in one of our many topic-specialized sessions, we have offerings that best fit your needs.

Contact Chris Pert for more information.

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