I’ve never climbed before. Where do I start?


We ask everyone who enters our facility to fill out a WAIVER, regardless of whether or not they actually plan on climbing. The waiver takes about 3 minutes to complete, and can be located on our website and at our in-house waiver station inside the foyer. Participants under 18 years of age will need their waivers to be completed by a parent or legal guardian.


Here are 3 options for beginner climbers:


Introduction to Climbing Class

If you see the possibility of indoor or outdoor climbing in your future and would like to rock climb without relying on our staff, then we recommend enrolling in our Intro to Climbing Class.  The class usually takes just over an hour, and will allow you to learn everything you need to know to start climbing on your own. After the class is finished, feel free to stay and rock climb for the rest of the day! Classes need to be booked 24 hours ahead of time.



Bouldering is the discipline of climbing shorter rock features that are not tall enough to require a rope. There is no need for harnesses to partake in this form of rock climbing.  Although climbers don’t have to be certified to boulder, we require climbers under 14 to be actively spotted and directly supervised by an adult. Additionally we have a KIDS FORT for bouldering as well.



If you want to come in and discover indoor rock climbing for the first time, we recommend our Rent-a-Belayer program. Renting a belayer allows climbers to work with our dedicated staff in a friendly intimidation free environment. Appointments are required to be made in advance to ensure staff are on hand to belay for you. After calling in to make an appointment, all you need to do is show up wearing athletic clothing and closed toed shoes to give indoor rock climbing a try- we’ll do the rest!


Please note:

We do not offer staff belaying during regular hours of operation and reservations must be made in advance in order to partake in guided top rope rock climbing. All climbers wishing to belay must first pass our belay test.


I have experience with climbing and belaying.

Guests who have experience with rock climbing must take a top rope belay test when they arrive if they plan on belaying in our facility. Once you pass the test, you are able to use all the top rope climbing stations in the facility. Guests wishing to lead climb and lead belay will need a separate lead test. You are required to first pass the top rope belay test and be proficient at climbing 5.9 or above before you are able to take a lead test.


Have further questions? Call us and one of our friendly staff will help you get started indoor rock climbing. 207-780-6370

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