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Have you been interested in trying out a new yoga class lately? Have you ever wondered what the benefits of each class are? Or maybe your thinking of stepping your yoga practice up to the next level. These yoga instructors are here for you. From beginner level to advanced, learn how yoga can help enhance your climbing, increase your inner peace, and help find balance.



How would you describe your yoga class?

I try to make my classes challenging and fun while keeping my participants informed.

In what ways does your yoga class benefit climbers?

We do a lot of shoulder openers, hip openers and stretches for the feet. I noticed while climbing that a lot of upper body strength is needed and typically shoulders can get really tight, I like to open up the shoulders and help strengthen the arms. I also noticed that most times while climbing you end up using yoga poses on the wall.

What is your favorite part about leading classes?

I really enjoy it when people fall over and smile. Its so important to laugh at our errors and work to find the balance again. I have had brand new people trying yoga and watching them return and gain new strength and balance is so great.

How long have you been leading classes?

4 years. Coming this fall, I will be teaching a Yin Yoga class at EVO Rock + Fitness.

What should people know about your class before coming?

Come with an open mind. I find that when we are new to the movement and the challenge that yoga and climbing bring brings, people end up backing off. I think as climbers our ego plays a larger role than we may think. The same goes for yoga, sometimes we question ourselves like, why can’t I find balance? or why can’t I get to that hold? I feel that yoga allows people to refocus. In the end, it’s so important to laugh things off and have fun with the movements.

Monday & Wednesday

12-1 pm


11 am-12



How would you describe your yoga class?

I lead a more Ashtanga influenced class. I trained and taught Vinyasa but as my own practice grew, I found that Ashtanga really resonated with me. Ashtanga involves a set series of postures similar to that of Vinyasa where you move through each movement while holding poses for longer breath cycles. We will typically hold specific poses for 5 breathes in order to get deeper into the pose.

How does your yoga class benefit climbers?

Ashtanga allows the student to focus on their breath while trying to maintain a pose. Can you control your breathing while in a stressful position? I think climbers can relate to that a lot while they are on the wall. Can you hold on while feeling like your going to fall off? My class helps climbers increase their flexibility and strength through each posture.

What is your favorite part about leading classes?

Leading classes allows me to spread the benefit that I get from yoga. I want to help people learn what I have learned through practice which comes down to breath control, body control, peace, and connecting my mind and body. Everything that I have learned has benefited me in my life in some way. I want to share that.

How long have you been leading classes?

I have been leading for 4 years. Just recently, I have started to teach Ashtanga within this past year. I enjoy the sequences and want my students to be able to take the sequence with them home to practice.

What should people know about your class before coming?

Come with an open mind. Ha. I bet everyone says that. But I believe that within the structure of practicing Ashtanga, one can find freedom. Understand that this is not Vinyasa. The discipline found in Ashtanga can end up creating a soothing and calming balance within.


7-8 pm



How would you describe your yoga classes?

I teach three different types of classes but I only teach two nights. My Tuesday classes are split up into different styles and is workshop based. For example, the 1st Tuesday of the month is dedicated to working on advanced poses. This is a good time for students that are working on advanced poses themselves to come in and practice. I also teach new advanced postures for students to try. The rest of the Tuesday classes are similar to Rocket Classes which is based on a similar style to Ashtanga. We go through a set series of poses while maintaining our breath in order to keep our bodies heated.

My Wednesday classes are more intermediate/advanced Vinyasa with an athletic style.

In what ways does your yoga class benefit climbers?

I have been a climber for 25 years, so I understand what climbers want to improve on when it comes to yoga and climbing. My Wednesday classes are oriented to climbers. We will focus on shoulder stretching, core work, hip openers, and anything else the class might want to work on. I always take suggestions.

What is your favorite part about leading classes?

I like to see people progress and get really excited when people want to practice the poses that are challenging. Its nice when people see improvement in their climbing because of yoga and vice versa.

How long have your been teaching classes?

I got my teacher training done in 2009, and since then I have always taught part-time. I always teach athletic based.

What should people know before coming to your class?

Know your limits. My classes are geared towards more intermediate/advance levels. If you are a beginner, I would suggest a beginner level class in order to learn the basic postures and get familiar with yoga. My classes can move fast and it might be difficult for a beginner to jump in. I would also add that even if you are at an intermediate/advance level, that you should still know your limits and listen to your body.

Tuesday (Workshop)


Wednesday (Vinyasa)


image (4)


How would you describe your yoga class?

Dynamic, Athletic, Fluid, and Energetic. My classes focus on mobility and strength building. I will take my students through the foundation of traditional poses, but with non-traditional transitions. My classes encourage playfulness throughout each move. I like to describe my class as going up a mountain. We will start by ramping up in order to build the heat, we will hit a peak level, and then we will cool down.

In what ways does your yoga class benefit climbers?

I take my class through a core workout because I believe that the core helps build climbing movement. To me, climbing is just vertical yoga. There are similar poses on the wall that can be found on the mat. I also believe in focusing on mobility in order to increase strength, but what is comes down to is yoga more than anything is about breathing which is similar to climbing. Yoga helps to reconnect with our breath. This is a useful tool when climbing.

What is your favorite part about teaching classes?

Connecting with people. I love giving people the chance to be curious about what their bodies can do. I love watching people evolve in their practice.

How long have you been teaching classes?

I have been teaching for 5 years. I have been practicing yoga for 10 years. I trained in Hatha/ Vinyasa yoga but also have a background in dance which is where I came up with moving through my traditional poses in non-traditional ways.

What should people know before coming to your class?

Don’t have too many expectations. Come ready to play and learn new movements. I would suggest coming to my class with a basic beginner knowledge of traditional poses. This will allow the student to be open to try new poses on the mat. I would also add that each student should respect and listen to their body. If something is too hard or uncomfortable, don’t force it. Find a pose that is comfortable yet challenging.


5:30-6:30 pm


7-8 pm



Aerial Yoga Instructor

How would you describe your yoga class?

I would call this class a fusion of both circus stretching and yoga. I like to switch between a stretching based class and a cardio class. This allows new students to build their strength and core work while providing consistent students the ability to continue to get their workout and stretching. My class can also change to fit the needs of my students. For example, if a student has a wrist injury, I might change the class to focus on core.

In what way does your yoga class help benefit climbers?

Definitely grip strength, arm stretches and foot work. When climbing up the fabric in Aerial Yoga, you have to do different types of foot locks. This allows your body to increase muscle memory and your mind to be challenged, which is similar to climbing.

What is your favorite part about teaching Aerial Yoga?

The gratification of people thinking that they can’t do something and then they achieve it or get closer to achieving the challenge. For example, I have a student that couldn’t go upside down at first and after a few weeks of building strength, muscle memory and confident, she can now go upside down and lift herself back up on her own. She is even moving onto more challenging moves.

How long have you been teaching Aerial Yoga classes?

I taught private lessons 5 months before joining EVO Rock + Fitness as an Aerial Yoga Instructor. I have been teaching here for a year now. As far as a fitness center goes, I found that the atmosphere and the community is fun and accepting to new students. Teaching here is allowing new students to grow.

What should people know before coming to your class?

There is a workshop where we teach the basic foundations of Aerial Yoga. It’s important to build the foundation first in order to enjoy the weekly classes.

 Monday & Wednesday


Members: $10

Non-members: $20

Sunday (Aerial Workshop)

2:00- 3:20pm

Members: $40

Non-members: $50

Be sure to check out the updated monthly schedules for any class changes and new class options at EVO Rock + Fitness.

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