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Last year, EVO decided to take the plunge and transition to clean energy with help from our friends over at ReVision Energy!

You can’t tell from our parking lot, but on top of our facility we have a solar array of 361 panels! As you can see in our drone photo above, our panels cover the entirety of our roof (and it’s a pretty big roof). Our 361 panels will generate roughly 119,000-kilowatt hours of clean, renewable solar electricity each year and for years to come. EVO’s energy usage averages at about 127,500-kilowatt hours per year, by switching to solar we are offsetting nearly 95% of the gym’s electrical consumption!

To help put it in perspective, the electricity generated here annually is equivalent to offsetting:

  • 125,500 pounds of CO2 pollution per year
  • 217,000 miles driven by a sedan

Because we no longer have to import as much of our energy from away, our solar project contributes to local energy independence and security.

It seems clear that we have to cut carbon emissions much quicker than society is prepared to do so.

As a business, the clean energy movement is something that resonates with our core values and we hope to set an example for a more conscious generation of both humans and businesses. From Partner Michael Lambert,  “It simply makes sense both financially and environmentally to head in this direction. The building uses energy, and has a big roof that will generate enough to offset that energy usage. It seems clear that we have to cut carbon emissions much quicker than society is prepared to do so. Therefore it is up to our institutions to lead the way. The government, both in state and federal government, are dragging their feet, so that leaves us in the private sector. I see it as our duty to help lead the way.”

What we are trying to say here is, we are proud to be a part of the renewable energy movement and look forward to being involved for years to come – This is our evolution.

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