• Kristine Keegan
    Kristine KeeganYoga Instructor

    Kristine started her practice to lose weight and build core strength. Living a Yang lifestyle, she embraced her time on the mat to take her focus inward and found her inner voice and the healing she longed for. As a teacher, Kristine loves to share yoga and its teachings to all the other seekers out there.
    Kristine is a graduated of the Sacred Seeds Yoga School and also Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga certified. She is also a Reiki healer.
    Kristine’s classes are fun, grounding and core building and all levels are welcomed.

    • Jacqueline Boudreau
      Jacqueline BoudreauYoga Instructor

      Jacqueline Boudreau has been working as a Wildlife Biologist/Field Technician, traveling the country for the past eight years. Most recently, she has been an Expedition Guide in Alaska, teaching “Boat Yoga” during wilderness excursion voyages.

      Boudreau completed her yoga training at Konalani Ashram on the Big Island of Hawaii, which focused deeply on meditation, posture, and pranayama practices. Her classes are geared toward outdoor enthusiasts; specifically climbers and skiers, and is aware of what yoga sequences cater to muscle tightness and weak areas. She believes in using yoga to meet you where you are and give you the tools you need at the present moment.

      • Nick Aleandro
        Nick AleandroYoga Instructor

        Nick has been involved with action sports for his whole life and started yoga like many people in response to an injury. With lots of experience dealing with professional athletes in the surfing, rock climbing and running world, he specializes in improving your sport by helping make you more balanced, safer and focused. As a certified yoga teacher through the esteemed training program of Yogaworks in Costa Mesa, CA, he creates a class that is fast paced and challenging for all levels yet fun and enlightening to keep you coming back.

        • Eric Newton
          Eric NewtonYoga Instructor

          Eric has been teaching yoga for 7 years and began practicing back in High School with his football team. He has taken his practice with him through all manners of life’s adventures to keep him healthy inside and out. Eric offers light hearted classes that are also challenging and intentional with a focus on breath and alignment. They are accessible to all levels of students with an emphasis on modifying to suit ones individual needs. Each class contains simple breath work with a balance of steady movement and stillness.

          • Lizz Walsh
            Lizz Walsh

            Lizz is an adventure athlete who has always enjoyed spending time outdoors. She is inspired by movement and passionate about building strength that translates to the sports and activities that empower others. She started her coaching career in 2017, where she focused on injury prevention, strength, and conditioning for the specific needs of climbers. Her favorite place to climb in the Northeast is Shagg Crag, while her favorite place to spend time all seasons are the White Mountains.