10 Things You Didn’t Know About EVO Portland

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  1. One of EVO’s partners, Cort Gariepy, helped Scott Howard build the Maine Rock Gym (MRG) back in 1994, and it stayed on Marginal Way for twenty years. As the climbing community grew, so did talk of a new gym.
  1. In 2013, all the pieces finally fit together.  Scott Howard, Keith Morris, (who helped run the MRG), Michael Lambert, (Local Maine Climber), Cort Gariepy (professional climbing wall builder), and Hilary Harris (mastermind of EVO Rock + Fitness), had their paths cross and magic started to happen.
  1. Despite the name change, EVO Portland is essentially a new and (vastly) improved MRG.  It has many of the same staff, and a more diverse partnership, which is headed up by Scott and Michael.
  1. Scott and Michael built their gym under the EVO name because they believe in Hilary’s vision and passion for climbing communities.
  1. EVO Portland is currently working with ReVision Energy to install solar panels on the roof of our facility, which will be designed to supply all of the electricity for not only EVO but also Michael’s home in Portland.
  1. The metal benches in EVO Portland were made by Cort; he built them out of leftover scrap metal from the construction of the facility and retired climbing ropes.
  1. The wooden benches by the cubbies and yoga room were made by Lambert from a giant pine tree that was on the site.
  1. Hilary used her knowledge as an LEED v2 certified architect and built EVO Portland to meet high environmentally sound standards.
  1. Routesetter Steven Barry made the table next to the vending machine and near the cubbies.
  1. EVO Portland (and all EVO Rock + Fitness gyms) are members of the Access Fund.
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