// Adaptive Climbing Community Day

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// Adaptive Climbing Community Day // Started on November 9th // 

EVO Rock + Fitness believes in making climbing accessible to all abilities, and in doing so, we wanted to get our staff trained to work with people of all abilities.

Thanks to Paradox Sports, staff Chris K. and Jess K., have been trained on adaptive climbing techniques such as the Mechanical Advantage System, which allows participants to “climb the rope” at varying levels of mechanical advancement. The staff also learned how to work with participants that may be visually and hearing impaired, have PTSD, traumatic brain injury, amputated limbs, paralysis, and neurological disorders.

Through the Adaptive Outdoor Education Center, participants can sign up for the Horizons Alpine climbing program. This program works to bring participants coming from different places to various climbing gyms throughout the state of Maine, including EVO Rock + Fitness.

If you are interested or know someone that is interested in signing up for this program, click here.

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